5 Reasons to Choose the E-cig You Do

One drawback to the electronic cigarette compared to a standard tobacco version is that your upfront purchase is a little more involved than buying a simple pack of smokes. Not only is this upfront purchase more expensive but it is a bit of a commitment. Buy a pack of regular tobacco cigarettes and if you do not like them you can simply switch the next time you buy a pack.

When you get a starter kit you are generally investing an average of $50. You can find plenty that cost less as well as plenty that cost more. In the long run you do save money as opposed to shelling out $5 to $8 a pack, but you do also give up the ease with which you can change brands. For that reason it is important to know a little bit about what goes into choosing the brand of starter kit you get.

#1: Vapor Volume

This is probably one of the most crucial features to a e-cig. Vapor is the plume of non-smoke that users inhale. It is created by heating elements and will be whatever flavor you choose. Generally users like for the vapor volume to be rich and thick. Some weaker models may have very little vapor volume or the volume may decrease as the battery begins to die. This is certainly a common topic in blogs and among reviews for different brands.

#2: Flavor

The flavor category relies on both quality and the choices available. There are certain brands that offer just the basic flavors, such as tobacco and menthol. For some users this is all they need. For other electronic cigarette users, though, the more flavor choices the better. If you are someone who wants to try apple pie, energy drink and kiwi-melon as opposed to just tobacco blends, make sure the brand you are considering has a wide variety. Not only that but make sure the feedback for these flavors is favorable. It doesn’t matter how many there are if the result is not good quality.

#3: Charging Options

The more advanced options for these devices offer multiple charging options, including USB. You may also want to consider those brands that offer an easy charger pack that plugs into the wall instead of having cords all over the place. Because battery life is crucial to you being able to use your brand of e-cigarette, then make sure you can also charge in a variety of ways in case you need to charge on the go or in the car as well as at home.

#4: Battery Life

After mentioning the charging options, it should probably be obvious the next thing to touch on is the battery life. While this should not be your final decision maker, you may want to avoid brands that get continuous bad marks and negative feedback for having short battery life. It is not always easy or convenient to recharge batteries when you are away from home. If you want to be able to use your product, though, it is a good idea to at least choose a brand that is known for having long battery life. Also consider steering clear of brands that are constantly being put down for losing vapor volume and flavor as soon as the battery begin to lose power.

#5: Customer Service

It is important to try to work with a company that offers good customer service. Many brands offer a toll-free number and are eager to take your order, however they seem to vanish when you have a question. You can tell a lot about customer service based on reviews. If you want to find out for yourself firsthand how the customer service compares first narrow down your selection to just a few brands.

Next, think up a few questions you could ask about the product and call or contact each company to get the answers to these questions without yet agreeing to make a purchase. You may want to avoid any companies that seem to have no interest in your call unless you are placing an order.

There are plenty of other factors that go into what brand may be best suited for you, but these are some of the top contenders. Some people may wonder why price isn’t on the list. While it is important not to overpay for a starter kit, you also want to end up with a product you like.

The old saying about getting what you pay for is often true. If you see a starter kit with a super low price make sure to do research before clicking the “buy now” button. The bottom line is to end up with a hassle free device that gives you what you hope to get from your selection.

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