A Few Easy Tips for E-Cig Battery Maintenance

If you’re a regular smokeless cigarette user, you know the importance knowing all you can about e-cig battery maintenance.  After all, this little puppy is the workhorse of your vapor cigarette.  Without a functional battery, the smoking experience you’re used to simply is not available.

So what are the top tips for long-term e-cig battery maintenance?  Believe it or not, if your battery just isn’t performing like it used to, a simple cleaning may be all it needs.  An e-cig battery typically has two air vent holes at the base that may have become clogged with dust, etc.  Using a small sewing needle is usually enough to open up these vents.  You may also need to occasionally clean off the charging end of the battery with a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol once in awhile.

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