A Guide to Understanding E-Liquids

Without e-liquid you would have no flavor and vapor. Some systems come with the e-juice already soaked into the cartridges, or depending on the type of device you use, you can do this yourself. Smoke juice is the liquid that is heated up to help create vapor, which the user inhales. So the bottom line is that this could be the most crucial aspect of the entire device.

Of course as with any aspect of an e-cig you can expect that it can seem a bit confusing. This is especially true for those who are new to using a smokeless device. For one thing you should be aware of the fact that many different types of e-liquid come in varying degrees of nicotine content. You can get smoke juice with high concentration of nicotine, while some brands offer liquid that contains zero amount of nicotine. There are other differences than that, however.

Getting More in Depth

What many potential users of electronic cigarettes often wonder is what the advantage of using e-juice is to buying your cartridges already prefilled. Aside from the fact that some people just prefer to be hands on and more involved in their relaxation and recreational hobby, there are other reasons for choosing to go this route.

  • To some degree you can actually save even more money if you make this a do it yourself kind of approach. It may not be a great deal, but it can be noticeable and add up. Of course some of that depends on how much liquid you use.
  • The amount of liquid is another factor. Users still have to use caution to prevent causing an overflow that can cause damage to the unit and cause leakage. It does take some practice, but generally even if you do overfill your unit you can simply clean it up and learn before refilling again the next time.
  • You can often times find a wider variety of flavors when you go with smoke juice. Also you do not need to use only those liquids that are proprietary to the brand you smoke, although it may still work best if you do so. Once you get used to filling your own cartridges you can become a bit of a mixologist and come up with your own flavors. For example, use banana and chocolate for chocolate covered banana flavor or cola and cherry for cherry cola. While there are plenty of choices for great flavors in prefilled cartridges, being able to mix your own can be fun and rewarding.

Taking It to the Next Level

In addition to filling your own cartridges, you can also refill cartridges. This also helps cut down on costs, not to mention makes users even more environmentally friendly. As you move towards doing this yourself and trying to understand it better, there are a few more thins you should know and understand.

  • Just like you probably had to learn what “vaping” was when you first got started with e-cigarettes, “dripping” may also be foreign to you. If you are going to use smoke juice you will need to know if you see this word used it means the actual process of filling or refilling your cartridges by dripping the liquid into your cartridge or cartomizer.
  • You may find that dripping your own juice into your cartridges is ideal if you tend to go through cartridges quickly. Not only will it make your life easier, it will make the entire hobby even more affordable. It may even be a matter of wanting cartridges to have more taste. If you system allows for it you may even be using juice as a supplement to intensify the flavor of your prefilled cartridges.
  •  In addition to flavor and vapor, you may also notice a better throat hit if you can control the level of e-liquid and nicotine levels in your device. For many users this is an important aspect of being able to use a smokeless device or the do it yourself smoke juice approach.

The only trouble is many users or potential users want to know exactly how long their cartridges should last. There is no definite answer because much of it depends on the amount of use you ask of yours and how well you care for it. Some people take the time to clean their cartridges while others simply refill and go. If you plan on changing flavors, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and clean the cartridge out to remove lingering residue that could alter the desired flavor.

There can be a lot to learn when it comes to the world of electronic cigarettes and details such as e-juice. With a little research and some experimenting, you will be a pro in no time.

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