A Quick Rundown of the Best Electronic Cigarette Accessories


If you ask me, an electronic cigarette is only as good as the accessories that come with it.  Sort of like the lures that go with a fishing pole.  If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes accessories may seem of secondary importance.  Well, you’ll change your mind when you check out this sweet lineup…

E-Cig USB Charger

You’re just all about the technology with this e-cig accessory.  Got a computer?  Good, you can charge your e-cig.  Extremely handy and ultra-portable.

Slim Carrying Case

This slim and stylish carrying case for a smokeless cigarette is just the right solution for those of us with limited space.  It’s strong and stylish and holds all the cartridges and extra batteries you should need for the day.

E-Cig USB Passthrough

Not time to wait for a charge?  Why not try out the e-cig USB passthrough?  One of the most popular electronic cigarette accessories, this little baby lets you save on battery power and let your computer do the work of powering your e-cig.

Ready to see if your favorite brand of e-cigarette offers these helpful accessories?  Check out our full reviews of electric cigarette makers by clicking here.

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