Are you considering becoming an affiliate for one or more of the e-cig brands? There are now hundreds of electronic cigarette companies offering affiliate programs, but they are wildly different in how well their offers convert and how much they payout. Further some just don’t pay on time or at all. So it is best to go with an e-cigarette affiliate program that has a proven track record.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing also known as performance marketing, this is how it works. An electronic cigarette company (also called a merchant) will offer you a percentage of every sale you refer to their site. Some merchants don’t offer a percentage but instead a flat fee.

The important thing to consider when evaluating a new affiliate relationship is if you are working with reputable company that has strong product that people really want.  In any case as you can see from the below chart the electronic cigarette category is absolutely exploding. As smokers look for a way to continue enjoying the flavor and ritual of smoking but without the actual smoke. Another factor that is accelerating this trend is the cost of cigarettes is in many places over  ten dollars a pack so e-cigs are now a much more affordable option.

electronic cigarette affiliate programs