Are Cartridges Interchangeable & Other FAQs

Today, e-cigs have stirred up all sorts of questions from curious people.  Some are from experienced smokers, others from those looking to switch to electronic cigarettes and the rest may just be from information geeks! Regardless, here are some FAQs people have:

Can you interchange cartridges?

Well you can get a yes and no answer here because various brands are a fit with each other and some just don’t work at all.  It really depends on the size, shape and style of the cartridge.

Generally speaking, e-cigarette cartridges should not be mixed and matched.  The reasoning for this is because this can make them hazardous if you end up with the wrong combination.

Are they ‘safer’ than traditional tobacco cigarettes?

Fair question.  They are believed to be safer than the traditional cigarette, although experts haven’t concluded how ‘safe’ they are.  The basis for this belief is in knowing how harmful traditional tobacco smoking is.

We know that old-fashioned smoking is incredibly toxic, and this makes e-cigs not as bad by default.  Of course, there are risks and minor negative consequences with smoking e-cigarettes, but the evidence suggests strongly that you better off choosing the mechanical version over the traditional tobacco version.

How can I be sure I’ll enjoy them?

Well you can’t.  But without risk there can never be reward!  If you use a little common sense you’ll be just fine.  If you like chocolate bars and ice cream, chances are pretty good you’ll be ok with an ice-cream sundae right? Best for you to read the reviews and see if you relate to any.

Are e-cigs as expensive as smoking?

E-cigs are smoking!  Bottom line is that the initial startup package is going to cost you a little up front, but it won’t take you long to make that extra cost back.

To put it mildly, if you are a regular smoker then electronic cigarettes are going to be nicer to your wallet than tobacco smokes.

If they are so ‘good,’ why aren’t anti-smoking groups and various government branches supportive of them?

Good question!  We just aren’t sure to be honest.  It’s like you’re dealing with the lesser of two evils here because neither tobacco cigarette smoking or e-cigarettes claim to be ‘healthy’ for you, but one certainly looks like a better alternative to the other.

It’s pretty clear that if you are going to smoke, the mechanical is the better choice.  The problem seems to be there is always some degree of doubt with everything in life.

There is always ‘reasonable’ doubt, and this seems to be confusing the louder voices.  You can always put up the hockey superstar Malkin against a player from the farm team and argue who is ‘better’ so to speak. The logical and obvious answer is Malkin, but there is always going to be someone challenging that, and this seems to be what is happening here.  That’s pretty much the simplest way to put this.

Can I smoke these in non-smoking designated areas?

Well, technically speaking you should be able to light these up wherever you’d like, but it’s never that easy.  Initially you may be met with a little resistance in smoking these e-cigarettes because they to portray the image of smoking and that may be enough to be portrayed as wrong in the minds of some non-smokers.

Don’t be too hard on them, though, because their reasons are valid.  Don’t push it, be courteous and respectful and it won’t be long before you are basically ignored and you can do as you please.  Within reason of course!

Now to the million dollar question.  Will these help me get rid of my nicotine need?

Maybe.  Is that good enough for you?  Let’s just say, we feel it’s a great step in the right direction.  By switching to the mechanical cigarette you are stepping away from traditional tobacco smoking and this is all good!

The first step is always at the hardest for sure.  Just don’t expect yourself to quit completely because this might or might not happen.  Understand that nicotine is a serious addiction and a tough one to get completely out of your system. Sure most people can quit for awhile, but to most it is more than just wanting the feeling.  There are social pressures and attachments that make it really hard to kick. One step at a time, and when the time is right for you to kick your nicotine habit for you, you’ll know it.

Seeing as e-cigs are fairly new to the market, people are still very curious and have lots of questions about the good, the bad and the ugly of this product.  Ask away and you be the judge!


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