Are Celebrities Making E-Smoking Cooler?

Even those who were not around to see the old movie and still images of some of Hollywood’s most famous early stars have probably seen pictures of these celebrities lighting up. Whether on screen or off, the early days of both Hollywood and smoking were thought to be glamorous as well as sophisticated. If you aren’t convinced, look up images of Marlon Brando or Marlene Dietrich posed in black and white stills with the lingering haze of the cigarette dangling from their lips or fingertips.

Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis and the curvaceous bombshell Marilyn Monroe all had their images immortalized with a burning tobacco cigarette delicately lingering between their fingers. Who can forget what the ultimate bad boy of Hollywood James Dean looked like with a pack of smokes rolled into his t-shirt sleeve and a lit smoke resting in his fingertips?

With time and the progression of cancers and other ailments directly related to smoking cigarettes, the imagery changed a bit. It seemed that forever gone were the days that a stylish and cool celebrity could add some mystery to his or her character or real life with a cigarette. Then along came the e-cig.

Some Examples

While Johnny Depp’s character in “The Tourist” has been widely publicized for using this device in the movie, you can also find plenty of examples of real life stars vaping instead of smoking. In fact, a simple search will bring back images and even YouTube videos of Hollywood players opting to go smokeless.

For example:

  • Paris Hilton
  • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Jude Law
  • Kate Moss

And yes, even Johnny Depp in real life.

It seems that Hollywood isn’t quite done with the appeal of the cigarette, but the days of traditional tobacco may be all but gone for good. It’s maybe no surprise but all of this has begun to cause the world of electronic cigarettes to gain even more recognition, not to mention a bit of a following.

Hip to Be Electronic?

It is in fact growing more common to see celebs on talk shows or playing characters who use these devices. The real deal is that the trend that tobacco smokes once were for several decades is now the same projected path the electronic version will follow. The same media frenzy that tends to cause paparazzi to seek shots of stars doing a variety of everyday events is causing the trend of vaping to be caught on film.

The thing is the trend of inhaling tobacco smoke may not have the same appeal these days, but vaping may be taking its place. Part of the issue is also that some celebrities remain traditional tobacco smokers, which is causing them to either get bad publicity or be forced to be closet case smokers. Ironic to think a habit that celebs of the past may have picked up to improve their image is now the same habit they would like to break before being ousted.

The other thing to keep in mind is that real life tends to mirror the arts, or it could be the other way around in this case. Once smoking regular cigarettes became taboo, Hollywood and other forms of art followed the lead and stopped using imagery in which stars or characters were smokers. In order to avoid glamorizing it there was little need to spotlight it. In fact in some cases showing images with smokers was basically banned.

However with the introduction of the electronic devices, the times have been changing. While e-cigs are more accepted and legally allowed in public, TVs and movies still refrained from showing anyone using these devices. With time even though there are some regulations now on where users can partake a good vaping, it is still generally allowed in most places. As that has begun to take hold, TV and movies have slowly begun to follow suit, reintroducing the idea that some cigarettes and use may still be cool, as long as it’s electronic.

Tinseltown Does Vaping

With time there is likely to be a continued trend of stars coming out of the closet with their electronic devices and stepping into the spotlight and onto the red carpet. Do a search on some of your favorite celebrities and see if they have been spotted and snapped by paparazzi enjoying their e-cig. These vapers have even begun to get more proactive by finding their voice and speaking up on the matter.

Some celebs have appeared on talk shows to address the matter, while others have written blogs on the matter. Search online and you are bound to find some surprising comments from certain stars about electronic versions of cigarettes. While this may not get as much publicity as it should, over time the trend is sure to take hold and make this more acceptable.

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