Are Modern Vapor Cartridges Really Much Better Than They Used to Be?

Back when electric cigarettes first came out, the technology was admittedly sloppy and not that satisfying.  Of course, much like any other major technological advance, high demand quickly drove manufacturers to drastically improve the quality of the product, particularly modern vapor cartridges.  Everything about these little babies is lightyears ahead of where it used to be.

Modern vapor cartridge flavors are downright spot-on.  Here at, you can find vendors that offer flavored cartridges that will knock your socks off with how accurate they emulate the taste you’re used to.  Of course, if you want to totally mix it up, you could go with our Grape or Vanilla flavors, which are just as accurate as our more traditional flavors.

Not only is the flavor better, but the quality and reliability of modern vapor cartridges has also dramatically improved.  No more wondering if it’s safe to go out with your e-cig without it failing when you need it most.

At, we pride ourselves in offering the very best information on the top electronic cigarette brands on the market today.  You can read informative reviews of each by clicking here.

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