Are Smokeless Cigarettes Really Safer?


If you’re an avid smoker and/or interested in smoking alternatives, you’ve probably heard all the buzz about smokeless cigarettes lately.  They used to be a fairly rare item, but now it seems like you can get them anywhere and they range quite a bit in price and quality.  But the real question is, are smokeless cigarettes truly safer than traditional smokes?

Traditional Cigarettes

If you haven’t heard all the ways smoking can harm your health, then you’ve likely been in a coma or lived in a cave for the past 50 years.  Regardless, it bears mention to highlight some of the strongest negatives against smoking.  Traditional cigarettes contain at least 43 known carcinogenic compounds, making them one of the most unsafe products available commercially.  They also pose significant health risk to those around you.

Smokeless Cigarettes

As previously mentioned, smokeless cigarettes range in quality and price.  Many states have recently expressed concern regarding extremely cheap electronic cigarettes manufactured in China.  The same country that gave us the thoughtful gifts of lead tainted toys and poisoned drywall know makes and markets smokeless cigarettes that actually contain carcinogens.  But, high quality smokeless cigarettes contain absolutely no harmful compounds.

Secondhand Smoke

When it comes to smokeless cigarettes, neither of the two words above really apply.  First off, there is no smoke, only a harmless water vapor that may smell slightly of whatever flavor cartridge you choose.  Also, secondhand isn’t really an issue since the vapor quickly dissipates into the air.  If you’re like so many other users of smokeless cigarettes, you may find people actually curious and complimentary of your new “smoking” habit.

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