Are You a Chain “Vaper”?

If you were ever a chain smoker of regular tobacco cigarettes, you may already know what it’s like to be a chain vaper. For anyone who isn’t already familiar, chain smoking is the habit of smoking one-cigarette right after another. In fact, classic chain smokers would light the next cigarette from the first one without leaving even a gap between them.

Even if you were never a traditional smoker, you may notice you picked up the habit of being a chain vaper. So this would mean you continually use your e-cig device, making you a chain vaper. For some people this includes using the disposable kind of devices and for others the non-disposable kinds.

If you are a chain vaper and not using the disposable kind, it means you had better always have a battery charging. In fact, you should probably have at least one or two extra back up batteries that are fully charged and ready to be used. Some people also like to change up their flavors when chain vaping.

It also means you should always have what you need with you when you are on the go. There are some reasons that being a chain vaper may not be a good idea, though. So here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Like standard tobacco smoking, not all places allow users to vape. So if you get into the habit of vaping without any breaks, you may find it difficult to spend eight hours of your work day not doing it or that four hour flight may feel intolerable because you cannot use your device.
  • If you are forgetful and do not charge your battery or don’t bring everything you need in your travel kit, you may end up a frustrated vaper. Keep your kit ready to go and your batteries charged to avoid having problems like this.
  • You may want to consider using the USB option for using your smokeless device. The USB connection means you can use your device continuously without worrying about battery life. In fact you should be able to use the USB in your car too just by connecting it through where the car’s cigarette lighter outlet is. Keep those batteries charged, though, because you will need them for use on the go.
  • The bottom line is that is never a great idea to anything out of habit in a continuous routine. Becoming dependant on any habit is never a good routine to pick up. Even if you are not using traditional tobacco cigarettes, you should avoid making anything a habit you need to be doing all the time. The main reason is that if you are in a situation in which it is beyond your control to be able to act out your habit, you are going to be frustrated and possibly even annoyed.

Remember too that it is not a good idea to chain vape if you are using e-juice or cartridges that contain any trace amount of nicotine. If nothing else, try to continually reduce the amount of nicotine in your product until you finally cut back to an option that contain zero nicotine.

Users who become chain vapers often do so just because they can. It is easy to just get in the habit if you are at home or somewhere else that allows you to use your device as much as you like. To avoid picking up this habit, monitor your behavior. If you notice you are vaping more than you should, just start to cut back. Ask yourself if you really want or need to vape at this time. Even if you put it off for five minutes each time you ask yourself this question, you will begin to get in the habit of not vaping on your first impulse. Pushing each vape time back by at least five minutes will add up. Before long, you will be able to back off from chain vaping.

Other Points to Consider

If you noticed you just recently began to chain vape, you may want to clean your device. Often times people who use the non-disposable kind of device begin to chain use it when they are not getting enough vapor. If you take a drag and are not getting enough vapor then you may find yourself craving more use to compensate for less result.

You may even want to consider setting up only certain times to vape. For example, if you allow for a morning vaping break, a lunchtime break and then an after dinner vape time, you may not even want to vape between those times. You could also allow yourself only a certain amount of drags for each use to cut down your habit a bit.

If you use some restraint, you may find breaking the habit of chain vaping is not that difficult. The best thing is to try to avoid getting in the habit of chain use in the first place.

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