Are You Ready for World Vaping Day?

You’ve probably already heard of the “Great Smoke Out” that happens each year. Well now there’s something that isn’t pro smoking but is for vaping. It’s called World Vaping Day. This special day is dedicated to people who enjoy e-cigs around the world. It recognizes the use of the electronic cigarette globally. Ever since its introduction a few years ago, the electronic cigarette has become a popular device used by many.

World Vaping Day is held in March as many groups attend this event, even if they don’t use the electronic cigarette. Many attend this even in support of the device. Some feel that it is an alternative to traditional smoking and can be used in more public places. But don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s event because it will more than likely be held annually due to the overwhelming response.

Advocacy Groups

You don’t necessarily have to be a part of a pro advocacy group in order to attend the national event, but it surely does help. Many people join these groups because they receive full support from the large numbers that are a part of it.

If you don’t have a particular group yet, don’t worry as you can join them online. Many advocacy groups post their agendas online and offer consumers memberships. If you are able to join one of them, you should do so early enough that you can attend the event with your group. Remember, there is always large support when in numbers.


The World Vaping Day event is not confined to only the United States, but is held in countries far and wide. Each country honors the mechanism with neighboring ones. There is a unique community that utilizes these devices, and they want to be seen and heard everywhere. That’s why they have this event. It is for people to become familiar with the device and maybe change their minds about traditional pipe smoking.

Each country offers something different with how they handle the event, but for the most part they offer friendly and informative information on it. Many educate consumers on which device to buy and which ones are the most popular. You can even try different flavors that you have never tries before.

Defining Electronic Cigarettes

If you have never tried an electronic cigarette before, this little piece of information may help you. First of all they are vaped and not smoked. Vaping is basically inhaling vapors that emerge from this device. You may wonder how it works, but the process is fairly simple. They run off of a battery as it heats up the liquid in a device called the atomizer.

The atomizer is a device that hold the liquid. It serves as a container. The battery heats the liquid up and starts to brew it into vapors. The vapors are then drawn up through a metal tube otherwise known as the electronic cigarette. So many people have been enjoying this device from its very start. It gives the user a smooth feel and great taste. If you have yet to try one of them out, you can find them at your local tobacco store or online for great values.


The liquids that come ready for the electronic device come in a large selection. They can be purchased anywhere that the electronic cigarette is sold. As mentioned earlier, you can also purchase them online as they are usually sold by themselves or in kits. The great thing about buying a kit is that you will not need to purchase any more for a long period of time as you will have all that you need to start vaping.

Cherry is a very popular flavor as that is what most users purchase, but if you are not a fan of the fruity flavor there are so many more to choose from. Coffee and vanilla are two more flavors that are becoming popular. When the electronic cigarette was first introduced, there weren’t as many flavor selections. Now that the device has such an overwhelming response, more flavors are introduced each and every day.


Each device runs off of a battery. These can be purchased online or in your local tobacco store. The problem with most batteries is that they die rather quickly. No, they will not die overnight but eventually will after they are used so much. It’s probably good to buy more than one battery.

You can clean your battery and device after each use. The battery and device usually ends up becoming corroded and will not work properly. You can clean them off with a clean cloth and some water. You don’t want to clean them with anything toxic as it may be harmful to your health.

You will be able to enjoy World Vaping Day with your newly purchased electronic cigarette. Have fun and be sure to get informed on how to properly work the device.

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