What is an Electronic Cigarette Atomizer

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular everyday, and for good reason. It provides users a way to smoke and get the nicotine fix they desire without having to inhale all of the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. An e-cigarette is also known as a personal vaporizer, which is a device powered by a battery that produces a vaporized solution of nicotine that can be inhaled by the user. The vapor that is produced can be flavored and also gives the person the sensation of smoking a cigarette, although they are actually just inhaling and exhaling vapor, not smoke.

Many electronic cigarettes have the look of a real cigarette, while others look similar to a ball point pen. A key component to any electronic cigarette is what is known as an atomizer. This is the piece of the e-cigarette that provides the heat that vaporizes the liquid and allows it to be inhaled. Typically, atomizers last for about a month before a new one is needed. For anyone purchasing electronic cigarettes, buying an atomizer every 30 days or so is one of the added expenses they will need to be aware of. It is possible that it could be combined with a pre-filled cartridge as a single disposable unit, which is known as a cartomizer.

Atomizers are only one of the three basic parts of an e-cigarette. The other parts are the battery and the cartridge tip. The atomizer is heated up by the battery, which produces the vapor or steam being inhaled through the cartridge tip. This vaporizer produces a steam that can be inhaled by anyone without the traditional worries of second hand smoke.

Regular tobacco cigarettes include over 4,000 chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer. In addition to these cancer causing chemicals, tobacco cigarettes also contain more than 400 other toxins, including things like DDT, arsenic, ammonia, and formaldehyde. It is the absence of these harmful chemicals and the absence of harmful second hand smoke that are continuing to make electronic cigarettes a fine alternative for those who want to feel like they are smoking a cigarette but want to cut out the harmful, cancer causing chemicals in a tobacco cigarette.

While electronic cigarettes are looked at as harmful by many institutions because of the presence of nicotine, it is hard to understand how this is something that is frowned upon while people have been able to purchase harmful tobacco cigarettes for many years. Since the vapor is harmless to not only the person inhaling it but also those around them, it only makes sense that the e-cigarette has to be a healthier alternative for those who want enjoy smoking.

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