Atomizers Versus Cartomizers – Understanding the Difference

Because there are so many details to consider when choosing among the different options available for electronic cigarettes, it seems like a good idea to offer some insight to what each choice is. If you are new to e-cigs, it can seem confusing as you scan reviews and browse catalogs that mention different options. Not only do you not know which one to choose, you may not even yet know what each one is. Without knowing what is what, how can you ever decide which one you want?

Anything new can be confusing at first. The thing is to be patient and do your research. If you find out what all your options are, you can make a more informed consumer decision. Not to mention you will be more likely to like the product you choose instead of feeling rushed into something. So, let’s take a look at one of the choices that can cause confusion – the two or three piece options for an electronic cigarette.

Here is the main breakdown:

  • The three part e-cig system is what uses the atomizer. It also includes a battery and a cartridge.
  • The two part electronic cigarettes use a cartomizer, and the only other part for this is a battery.

From there it is a matter of knowing how each one works and differs. This can be what helps you decide which style to get when you order your first electronic cigarette starter kit.

Taking a Look at the Three Part E-cig

Of course, what both the two part and three part electronic cigarettes have in common is the battery. Aside from that, you need to understand the other parts so you can decide which kind you want. For the three part e-cigarette you will need to know about the atomizer and the cartridge. So, what do you need to know about the atomizer?

  • The set up of the three part e-cig is that one end of the atomizer connects to the battery and the other side goes to the cartridge. The battery acts as the power source to help heat up the atomizer, which acts as the heating element. From there the vapor created from the heating element filters through the mouthpiece or cartridge.
  • The bottom line is that the atomizer is responsible for making the vapor. For this reason, you may see many reviews that will comment on the atomizer’s capability or inability to function well. Of course, the ability of the atomizer can also be affected by the power or amount of charge within the battery.
  • Atomizers are reusable but will need to be replaced from time to time. Of course, some of how long it takes to go through your atomizer depends on how often you use your e-cig and the quality of the one you chose. Generally, you are looking at a span of one to three months per atomizer depending on amount of usage and quality.
  • You may also see different styles of atomizers available when you are looking to place an order. The main difference is usually size, and the smaller ones are actually close to standard cigarette size. The larger ones tend to be for an extended version of an electronic cigarette.
  • You should also understand the cartridge is where the smoke juice goes. When you order these for the three part system, you will be choosing either the pre-filled kind or empty ones that you fill with e-juice yourself.

The Two Part E-cig Details

Different electronic cigarette users prefer different styles for different reasons. Some of this honestly comes from trial and error. You may start with one and switch to the other. At least understanding each one may help you make an informed choice. The main thing to know about the two part e-cigarette is that it is nothing more than the battery and the cartomizer.

  • The cartomizer is basically the cartridge and atomizer combined, instead of having them as two different pieces. This piece is easy to remove and is disposable. Some users may still refill their cartomizers, although they are intended for one time use.
  • Generally you buy cartomizers that are already filled with smoke juice. After one use, the piece is disposed of and replaced with a new one. You can still get a wide variety of flavors for cartridges. You can also still purchase empty ones and fill them yourself as with the three piece electronic cigarette system.
  • As far as size, again you are basically looking at either small or large.

In Other Words…

It is a matter of personal preference which one you like and may want to use long term when it comes to a two or three part electronic cigarette system. Keep in mind that you will see reviews or user feedback complaining or raving about certain aspects of each style. Keep some of these in mind, but also realize it may be individual user experiences.

There does seem to be more complaints of leaks when it comes to the three part system, but some of this may also be related to the quality of certain brands not three part systems as a whole. Also many users feel there is better flavor from using the three part system. In other words there will be pros and cons to each.

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