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Finding Answers to All Your Electric Cig Questions

  Ditching the smokes you’re used to is such a major life event that you’re likely to have a lot of questions before, during and after.  Luckily, e-cigarette users are awesome at creating communities and support groups to share tips … Continue reading

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Maintaining Your E-Cigarette Battery

  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, maintaining an effective battery is key to the successful operation of your smokeless cigarette.  That’s why encourages you to keep an eye out for warranties on e-cig batteries.  Having said that, we … Continue reading

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Where Can I Find a Lifetime Warranty on Smokeless Cigs?

Warranties and guarantees are a big deal in the world of electronic cigarettes.  And for good reason, considering you’re making what seems like a pretty big lifestyle change.  So, before you decide whether or not you’re going to make the … Continue reading

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Tips for Proudly Using an Electric Cigarette

  If there’s one thing you can count on from the vapor cig crowd it’s pride in their personal accomplishments.  Switching to e-cigarettes is a significant step and those of you who have made the jump should be proud of … Continue reading

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E-Cigarette Reviews and Testimonials

There are a lot of good reasons to switch from traditional cigarettes to vapor cigs.  The only downside is that you usually read about these reasons from people trying to sell you a product.  So, why don’t you just take … Continue reading

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Can I Really Smoke Everywhere With an E-Cig?

  This is often the final hurdle that people have to get over when they’re considering making the switch to vapor cigarettes.  Smokers have been increasingly restricted over the years, but e-cig users are experiencing some amazing freedoms. First off, … Continue reading

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Britney Spears Got Engaged Because She’s Using E-Cigarettes?

We’ve already addressed a bunch of the benefits to switching to e-cigs…no nasty compounds in your system, saving money, not smelling like smoke, etc.  But did you know they can bring you wedded bliss?  Or at least an engagement. Britney … Continue reading

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Looking for a Safe Cig? You’ve Come to the Right Place

We’ve talked a lot about all the great benefits of switching to electric cigarettes.  Some have even referred to these little technological miracles as the “safe cig.”  Like any good slogan, this one works on multiple levels. If you ever … Continue reading

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Ways in Which Electric Cigarettes Are Better Than Your Smokes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you know that electronic cigarettes are revolutionizing the smoking world.  Far too often, we just assume that everyone knows how awesome these little things are.  Today, we get … Continue reading

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Thinking About Switching to E-Cigs? Let’s Read Some Success Stories

One of the most satisfying things for us is to go out there and read all the fantastic success stories written by those who have switched to e-cigs.  It’s amazing how quickly the body responds to smoking that does not … Continue reading

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