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Understanding Air Quality & E-cigs

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to electronic smokeless mechanisms. In fact, researchers are still learning new things ever day. While some people like to assume everything about the electronic version is as negative as the … Continue reading

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Is Traditional Smoking Destined to Become a Thing of the Past?

Every fad has its run. Of course some traditions stick around simply because nothing else comes along to replace them. Take for instance the American tradition of wearing blue jeans. Unless something better comes along, this will probably always be … Continue reading

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What Will My Friends Think? One User’s Personal E-cig Journey

“You want a what for your birthday?” was what my boyfriend asked. Even though I had been doing extensive research on these smokeless devices for about two weeks and sharing the information with him, I think he had gotten pretty … Continue reading

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The Latest News in E-cigs

The world of news for electronic smokeless devices is always changing. Whether it’s new changes to devices or new regulations for the devices you never know. One thing you can be guaranteed is that there will always be something new … Continue reading

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Take Your E-cig Quiz & Find Out Your Style

You may be new to the world of electronic smokeless mechanisms and not sure which kind or kit to start with. You may even already be a user but can’t help wondering if there is a better match for you … Continue reading

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Does Popular Mean Better for E-cigs?

Electronic vaping devices are becoming a new trend with traditional smokers. Users feel that using the mechanisms is much safer and less irritating to those who do not like to be around smoke. But, is popularity really the reason why … Continue reading

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How Important Are Reviews When Choosing an E-cig?

When you have made the decision to purchase an electronic vaping device, it is more than likely that you have read up on them. But the mistake that most people make is they end up purchasing one of them without … Continue reading

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You Can Still Be a Cowboy With an E-cig

John Wayne, Charles Bronson Humphrey Bogart were smokers. It’s no secret. And let’s be honest, part of their tough guy image came from the images of them with an unfiltered butt dangling from the corner of their mouth. Pair that … Continue reading

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Have E-cigs Gone Glam?

If you spend time at any of the hip nightclubs in the coolest places including South Beach, Miami, New York or L.A. you may begin to notice the emerging trend. All of these places are getting more and more electronic … Continue reading

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Will NYE See More E-cig Using Party Goers?

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, who isn’t thinking about making plans for that day? Many people make their plans around environments that will permit them to do certain things such as vape. Vaping has become the new … Continue reading

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