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Deciding Which Starter Kit Is Right for You

If you are looking into getting your first starter kit, you may notice something – there are a lot of choices out there. While having a big selection to choose from is nice, it can almost seem overwhelming. Obviously by … Continue reading

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Which One Will Have More E-cig Sales?

With the holidays upon us, it is safe to say sales of every kind will be higher. People tend to buy this time of the year for others and even for themselves. For that reason the malls and online sites … Continue reading

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When the Lights Go Out, You’ll Still Be Able to Vape Your Electronic Cig

Storms tend to damage a lot of things and ruin your day. More than likely, you are one of those who when the television or lights get knocked out by a storm, become frustrated and bored. But don’t worry if … Continue reading

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Latest News for E-cigs

Electronic cigs may not be new, but there is still always new news relating to them. For this reason it is important to keep on top of the latest news for these devices. If you are already a user this … Continue reading

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Refilling Tanks for Electronic Cigarettes

The e-cigarette is refreshing and is becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts who once enjoyed traditional pipe smoking, but there are many things that you must realize when buying one of them. For one, you have to know how … Continue reading

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Are You a Chain “Vaper”?

If you were ever a chain smoker of regular tobacco cigarettes, you may already know what it’s like to be a chain vaper. For anyone who isn’t already familiar, chain smoking is the habit of smoking one-cigarette right after another. … Continue reading

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Top Techniques for Cleaning an Atomizer

In order to get the best flavor experience out of your e-cig you must clean it. Cleaning the mechanism is not hard to do, but is overlooked by many users. There are problems associated with not cleaning it out. It … Continue reading

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Vapers Unite – How Social Networking Is Helping Prevent Bans & Create Friends

Technology is approaching very quickly into the 21st Century. Sure it has been around for decades, but it is reaching new heights currently. Technology is making many things more convenient such as communication. People no longer have to deal with … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for World Vaping Day?

You’ve probably already heard of the “Great Smoke Out” that happens each year. Well now there’s something that isn’t pro smoking but is for vaping. It’s called World Vaping Day. This special day is dedicated to people who enjoy e-cigs … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know about Refills & Other Details of E-cigs

Unless you are using a disposable electronic smokeless device, you are going to have to take care of certain things such as cleaning your device. Another thing that often comes up as a question is when cartomizers need changing. It … Continue reading

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