Best Places That An E-cig Will Come in Handy

Aside from more talk about places where your electronic cigarette may still be legal and acceptable, it’s time to focus on where a user will just downright appreciate it. Too many times the focus is just on what’s legal and trying to test the boundaries. The first thing to keep in mind is that these can still change at any time.

Think about when tobacco products first started to be banned from public places. One of the most shocking incidents was the ban from places such as pubs in Ireland, a place that seemed forever destined to be a smoke-filled room. So while e-cig companies love to claim you can still use your device anywhere, what is true today may not be tomorrow.

That same line of thinking may apply to a few of the places that make this list, but not all. The idea is that you may be able to finally relax and enjoy a good vape now and then in places that work best for you.

  • The beach or poolside – A nice relaxing and tasty vape by the water is always a nice way to break up an afternoon. With traditional tobacco cigarettes, though, there were several issues to consider. The main problem was dealing with annoying people around you, even if you were not breaking any rules. The second is that standard smoking can be downright disgusting on a hot day, even by the water. Relying on your smokeless device changes the game entirely.
  • Your car or even someone else’s – While smoking a cigarette was once a pastime to enjoy on long or even short car rides, those days are gone. The lingering smell and yellow coating that sticks to the glass is reason enough to never light up in your vehicle again. Add to that the potential risk of hot ashes flying everywhere and you can hardly believe you ever were a car smoker. Finally, there is also the choice between stinking up the car with an ashtray or polluting the earth by flicking the butt out the window. With this device you can return to using in your vehicle or probably even vaping in the vehicle of someone else. Just think, no more pulling over to a rest stop just to take a few puffs off a cigarette.
  • Inside your home or someone else’s – It’s been a long time since even smokers commonly light up in their own home. The lingering scent and dirty ashtrays are one thing, but the second hand smoke issue is yet another reason to keep the cigarettes outdoors. Now, you can return to kicking back in your own bed and vaping away. Or even enjoy your device while visiting a friend or mingling at a party in someone else’s house. More than likely, your smokeless device will merely be a conversation starter instead of a reason to be banned.
  • At the pub – Back to the example used in the beginning referring to the bans of cigarette smoking in Irish pubs, this has also been a ban you find in many areas of the United States. While some areas are still allowed to make the choice on whether or not to allow smoking, places such as California have an all out ban regardless of the owner’s wishes. However a majority of pubs, bars and nightclubs around the world will still let users of these devices vape away while enjoying a drink or just being social and mingling. Although restrictions and guidelines could change, for now this seems a much more widely accepted method of enjoying a non-cigarette in public.

It really does seem to be the little things that tend to make having an electronic cigarette device a wise choice. For example, many brands still try to make claims to potential customers that e-cigs are still allowed on airplanes and in fact make it a selling point. The trouble is that the FDA is in the process of changing that, and some airlines are even already informing their passengers that these devices are not allowed.

It comes down to being able to enjoy these devices as opposed to regular tobacco cigarettes based on the places you once enjoyed them, such as your car or home. Keep in mind any time you travel you should find out ahead of time what to expect in relation to your device. For example, right now you can still carry this device on to a plane but cannot use it, in most cases, during flight.

If you are traveling to another country, you may want to be sure your device will be allowed in most places. If not then it may not be worth the hassle. Although more than likely you will be able to still enjoy it in your hotel room.

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