Britney Spears Got Engaged Because She’s Using E-Cigarettes?

Using E-Cigarettes

We’ve already addressed a bunch of the benefits to switching to e-cigs…no nasty compounds in your system, saving money, not smelling like smoke, etc.  But did you know they can bring you wedded bliss?  Or at least an engagement.

Britney Spears is reported to have gotten engaged to her boyfriend only after making the switch to using e-cigarettes.  The transition to e-cigs was apparently part of a larger cleansing of her former bad habits and assorted baggage.  Granted, she’s not exactly known for marital success, but if anything can help, an affordable and safe smoking alternative could certainly be it.

If you’re up for reading the entire story, just click here.  You should also note that Britney prefers the vanilla flavor.  Which flavor would you like the best?  There are certainly a ton to choose from among the top brands.  Check out detailed reviews of the best electric cig brands on our homepage by clicking here.


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