Can I Really Smoke Anywhere with an E-Cig?


One of the hardest things to wrap your head around if you’ve been a smoker for awhile is the idea that you can smoke anywhere with an electronic cigarette.  Of course, personal courtesy still is a factor, and you may end up freaking some people out at first, but a quick conversation usually makes them curious and interested instead of scared.  Your new e-cig looks so much like the real thing that you’ll probably find yourself having many such conversations…

Smoking Bans

Bans on traditional smoking frankly do not apply to electronic cigarettes.  Users have reported that they can smoke anywhere and everywhere, including movie theaters, restaurants, and even on a plane.  Again, it never hurts to educate those around you.  Most are extremely interested in the product after having been told it’s not the real thing.

Smoking Alternative

It’s clear why you should be allowed to smoke anywhere with an electronic cigarette.  After all, you’re not producing any secondhand smoke to concern those around you.  You’re exhaling water vapor that quickly dissipates.  And whose ever been scared of a little fog?  Besides that, there’s none of that smoke stink that everyone hates so much, so why wouldn’t they let you smoke anywhere?

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