Can I Really Smoke Everywhere With an E-Cig?


This is often the final hurdle that people have to get over when they’re considering making the switch to vapor cigarettes.  Smokers have been increasingly restricted over the years, but e-cig users are experiencing some amazing freedoms.

First off, the big distinction to make is that electric cigarettes do not utilize a flame and they produce no firsthand or secondhand smoke.  Therefore, you’re really not “smoking” even though you’re enjoying every part of the smoking experience you’re used to.  So, how could a smoking ban apply to someone who’s not smoking?

There are some awesome stories from e-cig veterans about being able to smoke in movie theater, on airplanes, etc.  Of course, for your own sake and for the education of those around you, it couldn’t hurt to let everyone know exactly what you’re about to do before you do it.  After that, feel free to smoke everywhere you like.

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