Can You Mix E-Liquids & Other FAQs

If you decide to get more involved in e-cigs and related products, you may become more interested in details such as mixing e-juice. In fact, if you are using a three part system device or refilling your cartridges, you may already be familiar with e-liquids. If not you may need to go ahead and learn about this and other aspects of the world of electronic cigarettes and accessories.

The first thing to know is that e-liquid may also be referred to as e-juice, smoke juice or nicotine liquid or juice. So if you are browsing, researching or reading about this liquid you may come across all of these names. Obviously from the name nicotine juice or liquid you get the idea that this is also the concentration that includes nicotine.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to include nicotine if you do not want it. Many brands offer liquids that come in different versions with different amounts of nicotine. The higher the levels the more throat hit you usually get. However you can also opt to go with a version that does not contain any level of this substance.

What Exactly Is It?

Basically smoke juice is the substance responsible for creating vapor and flavor. Without this substance, you would have neither one. The liquid is what gets heated up by your smokeless device and creates the vapor. The flavor you get with each inhale is also created by this liquid. As you realize by now you can by juice or cartridges that come in different flavors.

Whether you are someone who likes the traditional taste of classic tobacco and tobacco blends or more exotic choices such as cola and kiwi, the good news is you can find flavors to suit whatever your preference is. Most users buy the liquid if they have cartridges to fill themselves or wish to refill cartridges they bought that came prefilled. So the question arise, about whether or not you can mix flavors.

Although it tends to take some practice doing so, you will find over time that you may want to concoct your very own juice flavors. For example you may love vanilla and you may love cola so why not try to create a vanilla cola blend? Or what about kiwi and watermelon for a kiwi-melon flavor?

Tips Concerning Your Juice

Believe it or not you can learn some tips to help get more longevity and better quality from your e-liquid. For instance, if you go through your container at a moderate pace, make sure to take the time to occasionally shake these bottles up a bit. Allowing your liquids to settle for too long can compromise the quality.

Because many users tend to stock up on different flavors to alternate or do some mixing, you may end up with a few more bottles than anticipated. Don’t make the mistake of letting them age. Remember, fine wines may get better with age but this type of liquid does not.

It is also important to realize that some intense flavors linger in your atomizer for a while. To avoid ruining the taste of some new fruity flavor with the harsh lingering menthol flavor, take the time to clean it out. If possible it is always a good idea to clean before swapping flavors to avoid contamination that could affect the flavors.

The Final Word

Follow some advice and words of wisdom to help get the most from your experience with an electronic cigarette. One important aspect is to make sure you do not overfill your cartridges of atomizer. This is a more common problem when you first begin using this system. If you are not careful it can cause problems, but usually a good cleaning will help undo the damage.

If you notice your device is leaking, not producing full enough vapor or not functioning properly check your levels. Very often many types of problems can be traced back to nothing more than an overfill. Aside from avoiding problems, you don’t want to overfill also because it ends up wasting the juice you are using and costing you more money.

You should also keep an eye on how you store your juice. It seems that these often hold up better and last longer if kept in a cool, dark place. If this is not available at least try to avoid having your collection in light, especially direct sunlight. Keep in mind too that it is believed that dark colored liquids are more likely to be responsible for clogging up your device as opposed to lighter ones. Obviously those that are clear are thought to cause the fewest potential problems.

Don’t let it all seem too overwhelming, even if it can be at first. With a little time and trial and error you will get the hang of using your e-juice.

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