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Take Your E-cig Quiz & Find Out Your Style

You may be new to the world of electronic smokeless mechanisms and not sure which kind or kit to start with. You may even already be a user but can’t help wondering if there is a better match for you … Continue reading

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Have E-cigs Gone Glam?

If you spend time at any of the hip nightclubs in the coolest places including South Beach, Miami, New York or L.A. you may begin to notice the emerging trend. All of these places are getting more and more electronic … Continue reading

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Top Techniques for Cleaning an Atomizer

In order to get the best flavor experience out of your e-cig you must clean it. Cleaning the mechanism is not hard to do, but is overlooked by many users. There are problems associated with not cleaning it out. It … Continue reading

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E-cigs – A Modern Twist on an Old Pastime

There was a time not even that long ago that smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette was considered enjoyable, soothing and even cool. More recent discoveries concerning health hazards have taken much of the potential enjoyment out of old school smoking. … Continue reading

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Things the Average “Vaper” May Not Know about E-cigs

Electronic cigarettes may not be brand new but the recent surge in sales shows the popularity is well on a major upswing. This new trend in users is not that big a surprise. While there is already plenty of information … Continue reading

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Vaping – a Relaxing Hobby or Cool Trend?

Many people start vaping after quitting smoking as a way to replace that old routine. However lately more and more people are picking up vaping for other reasons. For some, e-cigs have become a semi-fashionable trend. So it would be … Continue reading

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How to Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online: Tips to Make It Safer, Cheaper and Faster

Buying electronic cigarettes can be done online, at the local big box retailer or even at the corner gas station. For most people, it is just simpler to order them online and have them shipped directly to your home. But, … Continue reading

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Should I Replace Any of My Electronic Cigarette Parts After an Illness?

Many people have been trying electronic cigarettes for a variety of reasons. They may not like the many bans that are in place in public places, or they may prefer to use a product that does not create smoke, ash … Continue reading

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Keeping It Clean – What Requires Cleaning on an E-cig?

So you have been enjoying the electronic device for a while and realize that it needs to be cleaned. It may come from the device not functioning properly or the battery not pushing enough power to operate it. You may … Continue reading

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Make Mine Zero Nicotine

When it comes to understanding e-cigs and nicotine, the topic can seem a bit confusing. What many new users do not realize is that you can have the option with many brands to select a version of e-juice or cartridges … Continue reading

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