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Is Traditional Smoking Destined to Become a Thing of the Past?

Every fad has its run. Of course some traditions stick around simply because nothing else comes along to replace them. Take for instance the American tradition of wearing blue jeans. Unless something better comes along, this will probably always be … Continue reading

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What Will My Friends Think? One User’s Personal E-cig Journey

“You want a what for your birthday?” was what my boyfriend asked. Even though I had been doing extensive research on these smokeless devices for about two weeks and sharing the information with him, I think he had gotten pretty … Continue reading

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Latest News for E-cigs

Electronic cigs may not be new, but there is still always new news relating to them. For this reason it is important to keep on top of the latest news for these devices. If you are already a user this … Continue reading

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Vapers Unite – How Social Networking Is Helping Prevent Bans & Create Friends

Technology is approaching very quickly into the 21st Century. Sure it has been around for decades, but it is reaching new heights currently. Technology is making many things more convenient such as communication. People no longer have to deal with … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for World Vaping Day?

You’ve probably already heard of the “Great Smoke Out” that happens each year. Well now there’s something that isn’t pro smoking but is for vaping. It’s called World Vaping Day. This special day is dedicated to people who enjoy e-cigs … Continue reading

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Latest in E-Cig Research Findings

The work to find out more about electronic cigarettes is ongoing. Every day there seems to be more changes in bans but not as much needed discovery about what research is uncovering. It can be especially important as many people … Continue reading

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Getting an Idea of What the Public Thinks about E-cig Users

Anyone who has been a standard tobacco user is probably aware of how the public felt about smokers. In fact, for those who are still trying to cling to being a public smoker the world can be a cold and … Continue reading

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Are More Stringent Rules and Bans Coming for Electronic Cigarettes?

Regulating electronic cigarettes is going to be a major issue, according to some legal experts. First, there are issues with which agency is going to be regulating the industry in the first place. Second, there are questions of whether or … Continue reading

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Having Issues with Your E-Cig Battery? Tips that Could Help

Read any review about e-cigs and one thing you will notice is how they all mention battery life. Browse the web in relation to the topic of these smokeless devices and you are bound to find users raving or scathing … Continue reading

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Is the Tobacco Industry Attempting to Take Down E-cigs – and Will Users Feel the Affects?

The tobacco industry has been a force to be reckoned with for decades now. This is not something you can expect to change any time soon, even with all of the negative publicity and harmful health concerns. The bottom line … Continue reading

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