Choosing the Best E-cig Brands for You

There is certainly one good thing about the electronic cigarette market, and that is that there are plenty of brands to choose from. Of course this may not mean that making the choice is easy. If you are new to e-cigs you may feel almost overwhelmed by all of the choices available to you.

Even if you are familiar with these devices, if you are considering trying something new this may still seem a bit daunting. While it would be impossible to say that it would be easy to just let someone else do the work for you to help you decide, it isn’t a bad idea to at least get an idea of what to look for to find your perfect brand.

Breaking It All Down

The first thing to do is to get an idea of what helps make one brand better than others in the competitive world of these smokeless devices. For one thing you may already be aware of some of the different traits that users and industry “experts” review in their blogs:

  • Packing and Presentation – This is obviously how the packaging looks, especially the travel case you carry that usually resembles a traditional cigarette case. Of course the electronic device itself and how it looks is often important to many potential users of a certain brand.
  • Vapor Volume – Because these non-traditional cigs produce vapor and not smoke, most people like to know how much vapor to expect before investing in a starter kit for a certain brand.
  • Flavor Quality and Variety – Obviously the better the quality of the flavor the better the user’s experience will be with their starter kit. For some users, however, this depends on what types of flavors are available. For those who like only flavors that resemble traditional tobacco and blends, one brand will offer plenty compared to another brand that offers plenty of fruit and fun flavors. It all depends on what you like or want to be able to get from flavors when it comes to an e-cig.
  • Battery Life – While almost every brand seems to need to improve somewhat in this area, battery life is an important deciding factor. This is especially true for anyone who intends to use their device away from home frequently.

In addition to these basics, there are also a few other determining factors. For example:

  • Accessories – For some users it is important to have all of the gadgets available and preferably be able to get them in a starter kit. Aside from your basic charger, you can find a USB connection, plug-in charger that is also your travel pack and other fancy whistles and bells.
  • Two or Three Part Device – The three part system is generally one that enables users to fill their own liquid. The benefits of this are usually better savings or being able to combine flavors. The drawback to the three part device is that it is prone to having issues with leaking. Again, certain brands may be more likely than others to leak, but overall you will not find the same complaints with two part devices.
  • Style – For most users, the pen style smokeless cig is the length to go with. Other users, however, prefer something smaller that is more discreet and easier to carry. Aside from these you can also opt for the cigar style. In other words make sure you know what size and style you are getting into before placing the order for your starter kit.

So What Does All This Mean?

The bottom line is that this means only you can determine which of these factors are among the most important to you when it comes to choosing your brand. A good method to use to find your best brands is to decide what three to five details are the most important to you. For example you may want:

  • A variety of flavors. Even though you like tobacco flavor, you want tobacco blends and also fun flavors.
  • A two part system
  • A device with good throat hit
  • Zero nicotine
  • A red gem “ember” that lights up when you take a drag

As you browse brands and read reviews, you will notice a few companies that seem to hit on all of these points. Write down your top contenders and then do further research on those. Look for more than just stars for reviews, look for in depth details on what users think about the product.

You can often weed out negative reviews if it sounds like one user had a bad experience. If you find multiple comments in multiple blogs all relating to the same issue, such as leakage, this should raise some concern. When in doubt, work with brands that offer a money back guarantee and take the gamble out of the equation.

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