Cleaning Kits for E-Cigs

Cleaning an e-cig is not difficult; in fact you can use things around the house to clean your atomizer out. You will need to do this often because your components may get clogged, making it hard to vape. Every single thing that goes along with the e-cig needs to be cleaned with the exception of items that are disposable. The reason for this is that liquid settles inside the atomizer and will begin to harden unless it is cleaned from the chamber. If you do not clean the chamber out, the battery will become corroded as well.

Here is a look at how to clean your e-cig:


The guts of an e-cig lie in the battery. The battery is the most essential part of the process because without it the device would not be able to work. As mentioned above, the terminals of a battery tend to become corroded if not cleaned on a consistent basis.

Batteries can become rather expensive and make vaping a costly hobby. Kits normally come with two batteries, but that is only in the premium package. The basic package, which is for beginners, only has one and that battery will only last through a hundred drags. It is going to need to be charged after that.

You’ll want to clean the terminals with a clean cloth. Never use water or any other type of solvent on the terminals because you may short them out. This will kill your battery. Get all the corrosion off the battery and then place it back in the atomizer. You’ll notice that it runs much better.


Your atomizer is what holds the e-liquid. It is heated up inside by the battery’s charge and then vaped into a mist-like substance. You can purchase numerous e-liquid flavors. They include cherry, chocolate, vanilla and other popular favorites.

The atomizer needs to be cleaned more often than the battery. The container that holds the e-liquids builds up a resin inside of the tube. After it sits for a period, the resin then becomes hardened. The next time you use the device, the chamber will be clogged.

There are many ways to clean it out. The best and easiest way is to use a cloth. You do not want to use a tissue or anything that will leave remnants inside the tube. Remember, you will be ingesting anything that is inside the tube, so be careful. Take the cloth and shove it back and forth through the tube. Do this several times or more. You’ll see the resin build up on the cloth if you do this correctly.


Using water to clean the components is the best, most cost effective way to do the task. All you will need is some water and time. Take everything apart. You might want to dispose of items that you can. If you have extras use them. You’ll basically want to start out fresh each time you use your e-cig.

Run each component through lukewarm water separately. Lay each piece upside down, overnight. This will naturally dry them out and give you a whole new set up to vape from.  The more you clean your e-cig out the less you’ll need to replace the pieces. Replacing them can get rather costly and time consuming.


You can use chemicals to clean your pieces. If you decide to use chemicals, use caution when cleaning out the atomizer. If you leave any solvent behind you may accidently ingest it. This could be potentially harmful to one’s health or fatal.

Again, take each piece apart. Lay them out on a cloth. You should be performing the task in a well ventilated area such as an open garage or kitchen. Use solvents that are strictly designed for cleaning the materials. You wouldn’t use oven cleaner to clean out your atomizer.

Let these pieces sit overnight. That will give them time to dry and rid the house of any chemical smells. Use the e-cig only after you thoroughly check it any for any chemical remnants.


When purchasing an e-cig kit you should receive instructions on how to care for the device. Read this before doing any cleaning. You don’t want to break a part or have to re-order something just because you didn’t read instructions.

The cleaning kits that can be purchased for the e-cig come with the following:

  • Cotton Swabs
  • Alcohol Pads
  • T Pins

These are the only things that you’ll need for a thorough cleaning. Of course you can clean your e-cig however you want. If you’re an experienced vapor, then you know how to care for the device properly. You just don’t want build up inside of it so you get the best experience from using it.

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