Comparing Popular Smoking Alternatives

Many people have a lot of questions about which of the popular smoking alternatives would work best for them.  While this can be as much a matter of personal preference as your choice of cigarette, there are a few common characteristics that may help guide your decision if you’re looking to make the switch…

Popular Smoking Alternatives

When most people think of popular smoking alternatives, the first two that pop into their heads are the gum and the patches.  If you’ve tried these before unsuccessfully, there are probably a few specific reasons for that.  Number one, while both of these products provide your body with nicotine, neither does anything to recreate the smoking experience you’re used to, which can be nearly as important.  Secondly, the cost for some brands of gum and patches can be a big turnoff.

Smokeless Cigarettes

So what makes vapor cigarettes stand out among popular smoking alternatives?  First off, this is a product specifically designed to mimic the smoking experience you’re used to while delivering nicotine you’re body needs.  Secondly, e-cigarettes are so much more cost-effective than some other products, especially the smokes you’re used to.

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