Considering the Negative Side of E-cigs

The truth about e-cigs is that right now there is still a lot to be learned about the devices and details about them. Much of what people write is speculation or assumption. In fact the lingering mystery about certain facts relating to these electronic devices is part of what makes it important to keep up with news relating to the topic.

Guidelines surrounding their purchase and use could still change at any moment. On the other hand there could someday be research results showing good news relating to these devices. For now, however, it is important to always be aware of the fact that there are some negative reports related to these devices.

In order to have a better understanding about potentially negative side effects related to them, here are some details to think about.

  • Understand what you are getting. Some contain Diethylene Glycol, which you may recognize in connection with anti-freeze. So obviously there is some concern surrounding inhaling anything with even trace amounts of this.
  • Know the difference between nicotine and zero nicotine. There are plenty of brands available that offer refills for cartridges or the ejuice that contain zero nicotine. However if the brands does not specify this, you are most likely buying a product with nicotine in it. In fact some content can be higher than traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you opt to continue to use refills or e-juice that has even trace amounts of nicotine, keep in mind that nicotine can be addictive and has been linked to possible health problems.
  • There are other potentially toxic and hazardous substances in the make up of the device. To be real about it, there is a possibility of the device exploding, and it has happened. Although it has yet to be determined if the device had been modified before or after purchase, this is still a possibility regardless. The possibility of a rupture or even explosion while in use could also potentially lead to burns, exposure to hazardous materials or other possible problems.
  • The reality of the ordering process is that there is a possibility of underage customers being able to place orders. To some degree there is also concern about whether or not kids are being exposed to ads or product placement in the media and entertainment industry to make it look “cool.” The same concern about smokeless devices then arises that people once had about traditional cigarettes. If kids think it’s cool and can gain access to buying them, they could use them. While still trying to determine the safety of these devices, it is important to keep them out of the hands of underage kids.
  • There is still the potential for abuse among users, even if this is not the same as standard tobacco products. A person can become dependent on anything like this and therefore cross the line as casual hobby use into abuse. There have also been reported cases of users switching standard e-liquid with THC, which is the same content found in illegal marijuana. The potential for misuse and abuse raises concern for those considering buying one as well as those who are already against them in the first place.

Quality Counts

One of the major concerns surrounding these devices also has to do with the possibility of low grade or inferior quality products doing more harm. It is important to do some research for impulsively buying one of these gadgets. Saving a few dollars on a cheaply made version could end up not worth the savings.

So what can you do to try to prevent having problems with low grade devices?

  • Do your research – Before buying online or off, compare brands and understand what you are buying. Look for feedback with customer complaints about leakage or other problems. Look for those that do not use Diethylene Glycol and opt for zero nicotine to help lower potential risks. Spend the extra few dollars for a better quality device in order to lower your potential risk.
  • Look for offers – If you find a brand you like and trust that seems to get good reviews, look for deals. Very often even the more reputable brands will have sales, offer coupons or run promotions. So you can still get a higher quality e-cig for a lower price without making sacrifices.
  • Realize the importance of quality – Aside from your health, better quality smokeless devices are bound to last longer. So if you save a few dollars but have to replace your e cigarette soon after you get it, that isn’t much of a deal. Make sure even the accessories such as chargers get good reviews. Your entire starter kit should be a good quality to try to prevent problems, including potentially higher risks to your health.
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