Creating Your Own Custom Electric Cig Refill Cartridges

Today, this post is all about you.  We’ve written enough information about how great is and all the affordable, high quality vendors and products you can learn about here (see, there we go again).  Anyway, this article is all about you creating your own custom electric cig refill cartridges and your very own “smoking” experience.  Depending on your preference and your vendor of choice, you could create any number of custom refill cartidges…

Flavored Electric Cig Cartidges

You’ll have tons of flavors to choose from.  Everything from old standbys like Regular or Menthol, to the fruity goodness of Strawberry or Grape.  Plus, many vendors offer a Variety Pack for your sampling pleasure.

Low Nicotine or Nicotine Free Vapor Cigs

Just as important as flavor is nicotine level.  Are you the type to stick with what you’re used to or just drop nicotine cold turkey while retaining the rest of the experience?  Maybe you want to step it down gradually over time.  Whatever your preference, you’ve got multiple nicotine levels to choose from.

For even more information on e-cigarettes, check out our FAQs page (click here).

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