Current Rules & Regulations for E-cigs You Should Know

As with everything in life there are rules and regulations by which products are governed.  This is for the protection of the people using the product in question and of course the society as a whole.

Over the years there has been steady pressure you have the government ban tobacco cigarettes altogether because of the proven harm they do to people’s health.  However, this has never happened and likely never will.

Of course when the new electronic cigarette was introduced to the world it was greeted with mixed feelings from the populous.  Some saw it as a step forward in attaining better health in the population as a whole, and others saw it just as another black mark in the big bad world of smoking.

Flip a coin, heads or tails?

After much debating, the government has decided to regulate smokeless electronic cigarettes just as they would a traditional tobacco product and they will not try and give them stricter rules.  This clearly makes sense because they are definitely the lesser of the two evils.

Now the makers of these mechanical cigarettes are quite happy with this because their product has been taking off, making huge gains in popularity as of late.  This too makes perfect sense!

Just to be clear, the e-cigarettes are small metal and plastic units that warm up a liquid nicotine solution within the confines of a disposable cartridge.  What this does is create a vapor that the user breathes in.  There’s even a tiny light on the very tip of this device that glows, mimicking the ‘real thing.’

The makers of electronic cigarettes explain that these mechanical devices deal with both the popular addiction to nicotine and the actions associated with traditional tobacco smoking.

The way you hold the smoke, the puffing action and actually watching the smoke come out of the mouth and the hand action to match, MINUS the more than 4,000 toxic chemicals that are contained in the traditional tobacco cigarette.

It wasn’t until later in 2006 that these e-cigs were available to purchase in the United States, although they were able to be purchased overseas a few years earlier.  It didn’t take long for the industry to boom from just a few thousand a few years ago to millions today.

Although the new guidelines aren’t set in stone, they will hopefully be secured sooner rather than later.

There is hope also that these devices will be regulated as a typical pharmaceutical drug would because their initial intended use was to be used for ‘therapeutic use.’  In other words to help people beat their nicotine addiction in time.

For the makers of these ‘e-cigarettes,’ this is definitely a step forward, as they initially received huge backlash, but the road is still long.

This new rule will do well for getting rid of the more ‘shady’ companies in the business and the strong will hopefully survive and thrive.

It’s widely known that around 45 million Americans have taken to the smoking habit and upwards of 40 percent attempts to stop every year.  And unlike the readily available nicotine gums or patches, until now, e-cigarettes have been forced to operate in the ‘grey’ area of the law.

It wasn’t until December 2010 the courts ruled that these electronic smokes should, in fact, be regulated as a tobacco product, rather than a pharmaceutical or therapeutic one.  If they were regulated as drug-delivery items they would be subject to more strict requirements including costly testing trials to prove to the board these products are within the acceptable safely measurements and that they are useful aids to help people break the habit.

The government has clamped down hard on what these manufactures can and can’t say though.  Some tests have been run and found a few traced of toxic elements in this smoking option and that seems to be enough to deem them unsafe, although it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

If it’s obvious these products contain only a minute amount of the dangerous chemicals found in the traditional cigarette, which is legal, so why wouldn’t these e-cigs be marketed and accepted more positively? Fewer dangerous chemicals is better isn’t it?  Doesn’t that make sense?

What has happened is various public health specialists believe the carcinogens found in electronic cigarettes could be compared to some that are known to be in certain kinds of nicotine replacement therapy options.  The reason for this is because each of these products is created from tobacco.

Bottom line is tobacco smoking is legal and regulated and although the lines are thin with regards to this newer electronic cigarettes smoking option, most believe it is a step in the right direction.

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  1. Vapegrl says:

    Let’s hope that further regulations won’t happen for a while. Right now, it’s looking like the FDA is about to clamp down on online e-cigarette sales in a big way, leaving those of us who don’t have local vapor shops without any way to buy e-liquids and accessories!

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