Do They Taste Like Cigarettes?

This is sort of like asking if something tastes “good.” Of course much of this depends on the person using it. It can also depend on the brand, the flavor you choose and perhaps, even how charged your battery is. Of course, there are some basics when it comes to answering this, so let’s consider these.

  • In general, you will find it is not going to be possible to reproduce the taste of tobacco completely. What you can hope for is to come close as possible. This is an area where reviews can be really helpful. Some users of an electronic cigarette may not even care if the taste is identical, while others may only be able to consider those choices that are close as possible.
  • Much of it truly depends on the brand you choose. Some companies have worked meticulously to recreate a taste as close to the real thing as possible. You will find some companies offer mild, medium, bold, or light and ultra light. This is meant to simulate the same choices one would have available when shopping for standard tobacco choices. You may even want a more specific flavor of tobacco such as menthol or Turkish blends. If you do enough searching through reviews you are bound to find what you want.
  • Maybe you were not a traditional tobacco connoisseur. In this case, you may be looking for a variety of flavors that are more off the beaten path. While you can find cherry flavored tobacco, there are plenty of flavor choices that may not be available in tobacco. For those who did enjoy a good vanilla or grape cigarillo, you can find these choices available too. Some brands may be quite close and similar in taste to what you were used to, and others may miss the mark. The bottom line is trying different kinds of flavors to find what you like.
  • Many users equate any difference to what it is like when a smoker changes brands of regular tobacco. Whenever one changes brands of tobacco, there is a noticeable difference. The thing is, with time you are more likely going to adapt to flavored vapor from electronic cigarettes just as you did different tastes of different brands of tobacco with traditional cigarettes. Some users even come to prefer the taste, even if not immediately.

You may find a number of brands that claim the taste will be just like the real thing. Many try and try hard. Many do in fact actually come very close. More than likely, you are not going to have the same taste experience you had with your favorite brand of tobacco cigarettes.

So what influences the taste you find with your new electronic cigarettes? There are many factors that go into the experience you have versus what another user may have when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Even if two people use the same brand of e-cigs they may have different experiences. However if you read reviews you will very often find some similar feedback for certain brands. This should give an overall idea of what you may be able to expect from taste when it comes to the e-cigarette brands you choose.

  • The amount of nicotine included – Many users prefer to leave the nicotine out of their electronic cigarette experience if at all possible. Others, however, do not mind this as a liquid ingredient to their electronic cigarettes. The amount of this can influence the taste you get from your particular brand of e-cigs. Keep this in mind when you try your new brand.
  • The flavor you choose – Even between different tobacco flavors, there is going to be a noticeable difference. Just as with real tobacco cigarettes, not all of the brands taste the same. This is obvious and why so many smokers became brand loyal to whatever they deemed as their favorite. More specifically, you should try to find a brand that carries a blend close to what you once smoked. For example, if you were a committed menthol cigarette lover you should look for brands that offer this flavor. Some are even more specific carrying blends that are Turkish or others meant to resemble the taste of popular tobacco blends. If you smoked menthol and are trying cherry, you may not like the taste.
  • The amount of vapor produced – If you don’t mind a less intense puff from an electronic cigarette, you may not notice much of a taste difference. Of course, if you were used to a thick plume of robust and flavorful smoke, you could find yourself disappointed. Try to find brands that get high marks for vapor volume if you were a smoker who liked rich taste. For those who were milder ultra-light smokers, this may not matter much. For them, the taste may be easier to replicate.
  • Whether you can choose full flavor – Most brands offer tobacco as one of the flavors. In fact, some brands specialize in offering only a few flavors, all of which are tobacco or tobacco blends. A select few of these have gone as specific as to offer ultra-light all the way up to full flavor. Obviously, if you were smoking full flavor cigarettes you would want to try to get as close to the original as possible. Even if you were smoking less than full flavor, you may find a bolder taste close to what you smoked by choosing an electronic cigarette flavor that is a step up. For instance, if ultra-light for the electronic cigarette is too light, then try a regular light. If you once smoked lights and find that you are not noticing enough flavor, try a full flavored brand of tobacco-flavored e-cig.