Do You Want to Know the States & Places That Do Not Allow E-cigs?

Many people who have been enjoying the e-cig for the last few years are now battling the same states where they discovered them in the first place. Many states are currently attempting to ban the device as they claim they are harmful to the environment and possibly harmful to one’s health. Many state officials who are attempting to ban them have no scientific evidence that they are detrimental to the public.

The e-cig liquid is vaped. That is the ingestion of the vapor that comes from the liquid. A battery is attached to the device as it heats up the flavored liquid turning it into a smokeless vapor. States that are trying to ban or have already banned the device state that the e-cig contains nicotine and may be just as harmful as a traditional cigarette.

Here is a look at some places that are or have already banned the device:

  • Restaurants – Most restaurants have already banned cigarette smoking. Owners are saying that the activity is unfair and potentially harmful to non smokers. They are now saying this about the e-cigarette. If the device has small amounts of nicotine in it then it is a hazard for patrons that don’t do it. Many who are pro e cig-are retorting by saying it’s smokeless and the vapors are ingested.
  • Airports – For years now there has been a no smoking ban implemented in airports and airplanes. It is dangerous and can possibly ruin another customer’s experience. E-cigs are now seen in the same light. If something is orally ingested, then it has the potential to be hazardous. The device also looks like it could be dangerous if used in areas such as planes or airports because they require a container that needs heated up in order to become vaped.
  • Malls – Many malls in America have implemented the smoking ban long before the advent of the e-cig. Non smokers argue that they do not want to be exposed to smoke and that it can compromise their health. E-cigs have recently been banned as they are seen to be the same as cigarettes. One who does the activity in a public area can expect to pay a heavy fine if discovered.
  • Pennsylvania – Officials have been trying to ban the use and sale of the e-cig for the last three years. The law has yet to be passed. As it is still not formally banned, you can purchase and use them in this state.
  • New York – The state of New York is only considering banning the e-cig. Those pushing for a ban say that they are habit forming and potentially dangerous to one’s health.
  • Washington State – In this state a law has already been passed that these devices cannot be sold to minors and used in public areas. This includes the workplace, shopping areas and eateries.

Many places around the country have also banned e-cigs. Here are some examples of those who have already done so:

Canada, Brazil and Panama have already outlawed them from selling and distribution. The governments of these countries are making the activity extremely hard to do. People are actually spending time in jail where it is outlawed as it is seen the same as marijuana usage.

Reasons for Being Banned

  • Children are Obtaining them – One of the reasons why certain states are attempting to ban the e-cig is because they feel that children are getting their hands on them and not consider them a cigarette. E-cig manufacturers do not consent to them being sold to minors and are stating that they do contain small traces of nicotine.  They do not contain nearly as much as traditional smokes, but nicotine is still found in the juice.
  • They Look the Same as Regular Cigarettes – Many people think they look too much like traditional smokes. The differences are highly recognizable as the e-cig is constructed from metal and a cigarette from paper. The e-cig is vaped as vapors emerge from the device. A regular smoke contains heavy smoke that is very distinguishable.
  • Harmful to the Environment – Many environmentalists feel that regular smoke is very hazardous to our air and can ruin the atmosphere eventually. They are now viewing the e-cig in the same way, complaining that the same hazards can emerge from the vapors.
  • Harmful to One’s Health – There are no documented accounts of the e-cig being harmful to one’s health. The only reason they have come to this conclusion is because it has not been tested by the FDA. It is the same with diet pills and other things that have bypassed by the Food and Drug Administration.

These are reasons why the e-cig is becoming extinct in some areas and the states who do not approve of them.

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