E-Cig Bans – Are They to Share the Same Fate as Traditional Tobacco?

For many electronic cigarette users, one of the main benefits of usage is the ability to use these freely in most public places. While many traditional tobacco smokers felt their rights were being taken away as the world turned more and more towards banning public usage, many are wondering if e-cigs users will now be sharing the same fate.

Although many users of electronic cigarettes are still finding plenty of places to enjoy their e-cig, some wonder if it is only a limited time before this comes to an end. Already there are places across the globe banning the public use of e-cigs, and users wonder if the banning will continue and just how far it will spread.

Some Examples of Troubled Waters

Although many places have embraced the public use of e-cigs, others have not. While those who do not use electronic cigarettes seem divided with some okay with it and even curious and others against it and fighting it, it seems to mirror how the public started taking a stance against traditional tobacco use years ago. Some of the more recent mentions of troubled waters for e-cigs include:

  • In March of last year, many lawmakers were already urging the FDA to define how exactly electronic cigarettes fit into the realm of the classification of drug and tobacco products. As the battle has raged over efforts to define other things such as clove cigarettes, tobacco lozenges and other similar products, the public and lawmakers continue to fight for clearer definitions.
  • Although it has been more than a year in the works, there is still a formal ban expected to take place involving the use of electronic cigarettes on planes. The U.S. Department of Transportation has been saying a ban of smokeless e-cigarettes would be coming this spring. Although the ban has been in the works and many airline companies have already been telling their customers that these products are not allowed on planes, many electronic cigarette companies are not making this clear. In fact, because the ban is not yet official, many companies are still claiming to potential buyers that these are allowed on planes.
  • The recent explosion of one electronic cigarette device in Niceville, Florida has many asking questions about the safety of these products. Although this is possibly the only actual reported instance of this, the severity of the incident has many concerned. According to reports, an e-cig user suffered severe burns, including loss of skin, teeth and tissue about the face, when the tip of the e-cig he was using exploded. There were also burns to clothing, carpet and a seat cushion discovered in the aftermath of the incident, and a faulty battery was cited as possible cause. Some speculations mention the possibility that this particular electronic cigarette may have actually been altered from its original state in order to create a fuller vapor volume. Obviously, it is never a good idea to alter or purchase electronic cigarette devices that have been altered in any form.
  • Many governments around the world have made mention through public announcement that electronic cigarettes are not meant to be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco usage. There continues to be an ongoing concern for the use of these products by minors, though many companies around the world will not sell to minors anyway. There has also been no alarm over second hand smoke as electronic cigarettes are smokeless.

Other E-cig Concerns & Considerations

If you are a current e-cig user or are considering becoming one, you may be concerned about whether or not these smokeless devices are bound to end up sharing the same fate as traditional tobacco. Some businesses and companies even allowed employees to use these devices during work hours indoors. However, many companies from different parts of the globe have begun to pull the plug on this, especially in government related agencies or buildings.

In fact, many organizations are asking smokeless cigarette users to take it outside and use electronic cigarettes in the same designated smoking areas as traditional tobacco users. From bars and stadiums to the office workplace, the bans are still beginning to happen. Much of this is from a fear based reaction to the demands of the public.

Some of the reasons for the concern by officials include:

  • the fact that many e-cigs still contain a level of tobacco or nicotine
  • that in public others may not realize this is a “smokeless” device and either avoid an establishment or light up a traditional tobacco cigarette themselves
  • the vapor or smell could still be considered offensive to others

The bottom line is that there is no way to predict what the true fate of the e-cig will be. However, the honest and real outlook as of right now is that although it is at a slower pace, many places around the world are beginning to ban the use of electronic cigarettes.

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