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As the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to surge, you can’t help but notice it making headlines. As more brands emerge, advancements are made and the market continues to grow, you can expect to see this product in the news more and more. However, similar with any product not all news is good news. So keep in mind while the news is meant to keep the public informed, it is not meant to cause a panic. Many problems with any type of product end up being isolated incidents. If not, then this usually leads to a product recall.

Florida Man Injured in E-cig Explosion

Although it is reported his injuries could have been a great deal worse, Niceville Florida native Tom Holloway was rushed to the hospital after the electronic cigarette he was using exploded in his mouth. The explosion of this device tore out part of his tongue and several of his teeth and burned his face.

The explosion was described by responding emergency workers as being similar to that of a bottle rocket. In the aftermath, it was discovered that areas of the carpeting and chair cushions of Holloway’s home office were also singed by the e-cig device. Until now the question of safety was focused more on whether or not e-cigs are a “better” alternative to regular cigarettes or not. Now it looks as though concerns about other aspects of the device may come into question. There is some speculation about whether or not the device the injured man used was modified, which could compromise the safety.

Some Scottish Companies Move towards Workplace Ban

Just as the traditional cigarette once went through the move from accepted to banned, in Scotland the same thing is happening with e-cigarettes, at least for some companies. In the heyday of smoking, you could even find a doctor stepping into the hallway to have a smoke in his own hospital. Now you can barely smoke outdoors anywhere near a building or another person.

While e-cigs have become a popular choice because you can use them pretty much anywhere in the US aside from airplanes, Scotland is banning the use of these products in some places. Finance company Standard Life claims even e-cigs go against their strict zero tolerance for smoking rules. For that reason, employees are not permitted to “light up” at their desk during office hours. So even for those employees who use electronic cigarettes, the outside smoking area will be for regular smokers and users of e-cigs.

V2 Brand Makes a Splash with Blue Batteries

As e-cigs continue to grow in popularity, wise companies are already looking for the newest way to appeal to customers. Some brands even added lighted tips to their product to make the e-cigs look more realistic and feel more real to users. From there, however, the trend for many brands is to make their line of products look more fancy than real.

V2 Blue batteries are one of the newest trends that this company has started. This option gives users a rich metallic blue color with a white LED lighted end. This is just one of the many reasons this brand has been taking off in popularity, especially among those who like a stylish e-cig choice as opposed to a classic cigarette look. Other brands are bound to answer back with something similar or to try to outdo V2. For now this is an interesting choice for those looking for a stylish smokeless smoke.

South Beach Smoke Moves Ahead of the Competition

As e-cig companies strive to get noticed in a market that is now more competitive than ever, South Beach Smoke take another step forward. This brand gained some of its popularity from the low price point it offers for starter kits. However, offering customers the taste and style they want has helped this underdog start to move closer to the head of the pack. Of course having a name linked to one of the trendiest beach areas in the world helps too.

Deltascan.org Offers E-cig Eco Friendly Advice

Most electronic cigarette users may have plenty of reasons for wanting to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, but Delta Scan is making people aware that going more green could be another reason. Delta Scan offers information, tips, advice and other commentary in relation to this, as well as an easy one stop shopping place for more eco-friendly choices.

Delta Scan is known for helping offer data about and reviews of electronic cigarettes. The look into how to be more environmentally conscious when choosing a brand is a new offering. The data points out that e-cigs can be considered more earth friendly, even because of the lack of a non-biodegradable cigarette butt. However there may be some electronic cigarette brands that are more earth friendly than others.

E-cigs Helps “Smokers” Avoid New Tobacco Tax Increase

Yet another benefit when it comes to using e-cigs could be the financial one users notice. Aside from saving money when purchasing refills versus packs of cigarettes, there are other ways to see financial savings. Most recently this includes a new raise in taxes on tobacco. As the average cost of a pack of cigarettes moves closer to the $10 mark due to increased taxes, e-cig users can feel some relief for not getting caught in the crossfire again.

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