E-cigs – Does Style Matter?

Honestly, whether the look of your electronic vaping device matters or not is entirely up to you. There are some users who care immensely about what their smokeless devices look like and others who are concerned with other details instead. If you have not already bought a starter kit, then you should be aware of the fact that there are multiple details to take into consideration when it comes to the features of an e-cig.

Style is certainly a detail to be taken into consideration, but you should try to avoid making it the deciding factor. There are of course certain details that go into what makes up the style exactly when it comes to these devices. Here is generally what people are talking about when they write reviews of electronic cigarettes and mention style:

  • The color – Most commonly you find one of three options when it comes to the color of the device, although there are of course other options out there. An e-cig is usually all white, all black or meant to look like a standard cigarette with a sand colored tip and white base. Now that these smokeless devices have become so popular though, companies are looking for ways to outdo the competition. For that reason some companies are moving towards offering other hues such as red, silver and pink in order to offer more than their competitors. There are some companies that now offer different colors of both sections so that you can have a more unique two tone option.
  • The tip – The end of the device can generally be plain or made to look more like a traditional cigarette. The growing trend is moving towards the color of the very tips however. In some cases this is meant to look like a burning ember, just like the burning, glowing tip of a standard cigarette. Another popular choice for those who are all about style when it comes to their electronic cigarette is to choose one with a “jeweled” tip. Using usually a red or blue jewel tip, these stylish ends glow in an almost surreal look that light up brighter when the user inhales or takes a drag, then dims when the user pulls his or her mouth away.
  • The carrying case – To take your smokeless device with you, it is important to have your carrying case. Most of the time these cases are built to be compact but sturdy, similar to a regular tobacco cigarette pack. They are generally built stronger though. In fact most of the time these travel or carrying case mirror exactly what a regular cigarette pack looks like. These are also what many devices also use to plug into for charging. Usually the design is also a flip open top, also like your average pack of smokes. These packs are commonly a solid color such as white or black, in a sleek and clean effortlessly cool style. Some brands take it a step further by adding multi-colors or their brand logo to the outside of the pack making it look more like a real pack. Some brands offer a travel case that just looks like a flat, flip top rectangle that fits easily in a purse but not in a pocket like the other more common style.

Good to Know

If someone refers to the style of a smokeless device, he or she could actually be talking about other options. For example, technically there are two different styles or types of devices you could choose from.

  1. The three part device
  2. The two part device

Obviously this refers to the number of pieces used for the device. Three part systems usually require filling with flavored e-juice. The two part approach has the flavor cartridge built in. This is an individual preference, although you will generally read more complaints about leaks in the three part electronic smokeless devices.

If someone is trying to decide between different styles of e-cigarettes they could also mean they are trying to decide if they want one of these four choices:

  1. Pen style
  2. Mini e cig
  3. Cigar
  4. Pipe style

The pen style version is usually the longest and mimics the look of a cigarette with a long filter tip. The mini cig is actually usually around the same length as a traditional tobacco cigarette. Obviously both the pipe and cigar look like what they are called and are meant to be used in much the same way.

Basically this is the overview of what is involved with style. If you want something that looks “cool” read reviews and look at product pictures, including travel or carrying cases. Your best bet, however, is never to pick a brand based solely on the way that it looks. More than likely this will leave you disappointed with the actual performance.

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