Electronic Cigarette Facts and Statistics

Of all the many electronic cigarette facts you could read, the most important is what electronic cigarettes really are. E-cigarettes, are small, battery operated tubes that can be “smoked” like a traditional cigarette, but contain fewer of the harmful ingredients that could damage your organs and overall health. These devices come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed to look like any old cigarette, while others may be modeled to look like pens or have an entirely unique design all their own.

When you inhale through an electronic cigarette, an electronic heater within the device activates and turns a nicotine mixture into vapor, allowing you to inhale nicotine and giving the feeling of using an actual cigarette. A small light on the end of the cigarette even illuminates, like the ember of a real cigarette. While smoking electronic cigarettes is not as safe as not smoking at all, it has been shown to be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. One study, researched by Murray Laugesen of Health New Zealand, found that electronic cigarettes are far safer than regular smoking materials, and also include less nicotine and less harmful byproducts. As the popularity of the electronic cigarette grows, more clinical research is sure to be done.One of the most interesting electronic cigarette facts is how the legality of the device varies around the world. The electronic cigarette is exploding in popularity in Europe, with over 300,000 users and growing. It is illegal for sale in Australia and Canada, and has uncertain legality within the United States, although it can be found for sale on the internet. Health organizations within the countries where electronic cigarettes are illegal, such as Health Canada and the Australian Federal Department of Health and Ageing, tend to have a problem with smoking in general, and believe that making the device legal will cause people who would otherwise have given up smoking entirely to switch to the E-cigarette. They also believe that more research should be done into the safety of this method of smoking, and that stricter warning labels should be placed on electronic cigarettes to warn potential users that it is not as safe as quitting all cigarettes entirely.

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Electronic cigarettes were displayed at the world famous Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show in 2009, and were a huge hit. The people who use them love the fact that they can use them anywhere, even in places where smoking is banned (since the electronic cigarette only produces water vapor, not real smoke), the health advantages over traditional cigarettes, and the price compared to a heavy smoking habit, and more people are switching to E-cigarettes every day.

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