Electronic Cigarettes – Does the Risk Free Trial Exist?

The simple answer here is YES, it does exist, but it can be a little misleading to some.  I say this because most things that are free end up having some sort of cost.

I’m not even saying it has to be monetary, but there is always a ‘cost’ to everything.  That’s a pretty fair statement and when it comes to buying something new, it pays to be cautiously optimistic when you see the word F-R-E-E.

So when it comes to this electronic cigarette free trial promotion, I’m happy to say it does exist and I will also explain it to you a little better.  It’s not like you get these electronic cigarette free – end of story.

That makes sense because would a manufacturer want to make a product that might or might not fly off the shelves and give it away for free, no strings attached?

Short term loss for potential big time gain?  Maybe, but that’s pretty risky from a business perspective.

So because this electronic cigarette is a totally new concept for people and may be tough to swallow, the marketers of this product have set up a trial to entice people to try it first, before buying. That’s the catch!

So What Is an Electronic Cigarette?

Basically, it’s a device that is powered by a battery that will give smokers a dose of nicotine flavored tobacco that is breathed in through the process of a solution of vaporized-liquid that is delivered to the lungs.  Your body will absorb this nicotine and in the process blow out water vapor that looks like the smoke from a traditional cigarette.

What this does is allow people to smoke ‘smokeless cigarettes’ just about anywhere without having any known negative consequences on the people surrounding them.  Hopefully, this will help to lessen the negative stigma attached to smokers.

So Why Would People Want to Try This New Product?

  • Maybe you’re a heavy smoker who wants to cut back.
  • Perhaps you think this would be a great tool to reduce your nicotine intake.
  • You might want to smoke ‘healthier,’ if that’s possible.
  • Social stigma may make you consider other alternatives.
  • You don’t like yellow hands and teeth.
  • You already have a health condition as a result of tobacco smoke.
  • Perhaps you’re just curious.

Cutting Back – This is a fair option.  If you are a heavy smoker and trying to cut back, e-cigs seem to be a great option.  People believe they are less risky for your health, and you most definitely don’t breathe in the number of toxins found in an old-fashioned cigarette.

Reduction Tool – Maybe you’ve just looking to lower your nicotine intake, and with an electronic cigarette you can control how much nicotine you inhale.  Of course a tobacco cigarette is a tobacco cigarette, end of story.

Healthier Move? Evidence does point to the fact that e-cigarettes have less severe overall health consequences than a traditional smoke.  Of course, this product is fairly new and the experts are still working on the concrete evidence to support this.

Social Stigma – If you are a smoker you are automatically labeled, usually negatively.  Smokers are hoping that by switching to e-cigs, this negativity will be lost.  Mainly because it seems to be a ‘cleaner’ alternative and it doesn’t put a non-smokers health at risk.

Yellow – With tobacco smoking you will get yellow hands, skin and teeth to start.  Bad breath comes with it too, and that’s pretty disgusting if you think about it.  Switching to the mechanical gets rid of each of these and that’s got to be a plus for you!

Already Sick – Maybe you are already sick with emphysema or lung cancer and still can’t seem to kick the habit.  Perhaps switching over to e-cigarettes might better your situation.

Curiosity – Curiosity kills the cat, so to speak.  That said, maybe you are curious as to how these devices work and would just like to give one a try.  Well with the free trial kit you can give it a shot!

Here’s the deal with the electronic free trial kit.

All customers will be given 14 days to test out the new e-cigarette before they have to decide whether or not they are going to keep it or not. Each one of these specialty kits is guaranteed for life and they have in them:

  • A rechargeable battery (lithium)
  • Atomizer
  • Nicotine Cartridges (10)
  • USB and wall charger
  • Gift box
  • Start-up guide

This really is a great idea if you are in the market for getting into these e-cigarettes but want to ensure it’s what you are looking for before you actually start forking the money out for them.  Smoking is an expensive habit as we are well aware.  Go ahead, give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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