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If you’re familiar with the e-cigs here at ElectronicCigarette.net, you know all about awesomeness.  E-cigarettes are wildly popular and enjoy a rabid following among our loyal customers.  But why?  Because they’re awesome in so many ways, that’s why…

  • Affordable – Electric cigarettes are more affordable than any of the smokes you’re used to.
  • Advanced – Cigarettes haven’t changed in decades.  E-cigarettes are constantly updating and improving.
  • Satisfying – Vapor cigarettes provide an unmatched level of smoking satisfaction.
  • Reliable – A bunch of guarantees and warranties cover reliable products, often including a long-term warranties on smokeless cigarette batteries.

Want to read reviews about the best e-cig brands?  Just click here.

How about some general info on making the switch to electric cigarettes?  Click here.

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