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envy ecig premium kit
envy ecig premium kit

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Envy Electronic Cigarettes

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Overall Score 3.5/5 – Envy Electronic Cigarettes mentions on its site this is the same design since 2008. While this is meant to be a selling point of some kind, it seems they really need to update a number of their features to be competitive in the market today. This is probably one of the lower scores overall we have given an electronic cigarette brand but still don’t feel it is the worst out there. The problem is you could also do better. If you want a basic and affordable option without the whistles and bells, this could very well be your brand. If you are looking for something a step above introductory brand, this may be worth skipping.

Presentation & Packaging 3.5/5 – The Bliss starter kit for Envy Electronic Cigarettes is to be quite frank a little silly looking. While we appreciate the sleek black design paired with the traditional cigarette style carrying travel case, the logo and the additional use of green and red on the packaging is not ultra flattering. On the other hand, this brand does offer the smallest lightest electronic cigarette on the market. This is a pretty cool looking little design, however for those who would rather stick to the traditional looking cigarette when it comes to e-cigs, this design doesn’t really meet that criteria. The other downside is by making the overall design of this electronic cigarette smaller the battery must be as well. The end result is a fairly cool looking small e-cig with lacking packaging design and a shorter battery life time span. If looks don’t matter to you then the lower score for Envy in this department will probably not matter much.

Flavor Score 3.5/5 – The flavor of the Envy brand is acceptable or even better than average but nothing to rave about. Honestly, there are plenty of other brands out there which offer a more robust taste for electronic cigarette users. While there are different levels of flavor intensity even the fullest doesn’t quite make it far above the above average grade. For those e-cig users who like a much mellower taste, this may be perfectly acceptable for you. This score only comes from us who tend to prefer the fullest, richest taste available when it comes to using electronic cigarettes. If you are just starting out as an electronic cigarette user, you may be comfortable with less flavor. Those more experienced users will probably be left waning more when it comes to flavor.

Flavor Variety 3.5/5 – Again, there’s enough flavor here, but not enough when it comes to the competition. If you are looking for a variety of flavors like tobacco blends or fun tastes like fruity flavors or energy drinks you would do well to go elsewhere. If however, you want an affordable option and could care less about the number of flavors you have to choose from you still may be suitable as an Envy Electronic Cigarette user. Your basic choices are standard tobacco or menthol. It would make more sense to see this company expand on offering at least a few more flavor choices even if it means a slight increase in the price. Again, if you are a first timer you may be alright getting introduced to electronic cigarettes with less flavor and less taste varieties. Otherwise you may be disappointed.

Vapor Volume 3.5/5 – At the very least the Envy Electronic Cigarettes are consistent when it comes to their scoring. While they are at least hitting slightly above average this leaves a great deal of areas where the competition is probably doing better. Not to mention, this leaves a great deal of room for improvement as well. The vapor volume is acceptable but since most electronic cigarette users are looking for a serious flavor hit when they take a drag there is room for improvement here. It may not help that the flavor is not robust enough to make up for the need for vapor volume. Usually, when one of these elements is strong enough it makes up for the other. Ideally a robust flavor with full vapor volume makes the perfect e-cig. For Envy, there is more to be desired in both of these areas.

Battery Life 3.5/5 – It is important to take into consideration that part of the Envy selling point is that it is the smallest and lightest on the market. With that comes the downside which is that the battery is also smaller. While some e-cigs on the market today are getting upwards of 10 or more hours accepting five hours per battery is a hard thing to come to terms with. This results in making sure you are fully charged before leaving and being tied down to a charger wherever you may want to use your e-cig for a while. Those looking to spend an evening out and use their Envy Electronic Cigarettes a lot may be sorely disappointed in the results. There is one brand we got 18 hours out of for a single battery, so five just doesn’t cut it. If you don’t plan on using your electronic cigarette frequently, this may work fine for you though.

Value 4.5/5 – This is a hard score to determine. When compared with much of the competition, Envy does quite well when it comes to their starting price point for Envy Bliss starter kit. In fact, this brand can legitimately make the claim they are the “Smallest, Lightest, Most Affordable Electronic Cigarette on the Market” at just $29.95. Of course, when defining value it should also be about what you get for what you pay. So, if the product does not perform as well as the competition but is priced lower this doesn’t scream true value. However, if you are looking for an affordable option to get started trying an ecig, this may be just the thing for you. Right now you also get a FREE carrying case with your order. Generally, with any e-cig brand we find FREE means you are still paying for it somewhere.

Shipping 4/5 – The good news is there are ways to get free shipping with Envy Electronic Cigarettes which does make the value better. Keep in mind, most companies either offer a low starter kit price then gouge you on shipping or offer free shipping but charge too much for what you get. The final option is what you get with Envy, which is good price, free shipping but certain strings attached. Usually, this is incentive to get users to register for autoship payments for future orders. Just something you should know as we think you get a good price and that free shipping is great but it does come with a stipulation.

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One Response to Envy Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Saskia Flakerdrum says:

    Envy is only my second starter kit but I always make it a point to try the ones my friends get.

    In my opinion, here’s how this brand stacks up:

    • For vapor there was a fullness and actually some throat hit
    • The flavor may not be as many as some other brands but the quality to me is good – and that’s what counts
    • The battery life could use some improvement
    • The value for all things combined including shipping and based on the actual quality of the product is above fair
    • Overall I would give this product a B- when compared to other brands

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