Facts about E-cigs

So you are reading through information you can find online about electronic cigarettes because you don’t know as much as you would like to know. Maybe you’ve never tried this type of device and want to learn more before getting your first starter kit. It could also be that you do already have one but feel you should learn more so you can be an informed user. Whatever the case may be, here are some of the facts you should be aware of:

  • While e-cigs do not contain tobacco like standard cigarettes, they often times do still contain nicotine. There are, however, certain brands or options within certain brands that offer no-nicotine versions. You may also be able to select from a particular brand whether you want low, medium or high nicotine content levels. The standard version of an electronic cigarette tends to contain less nicotine though, then with the tobacco version.
  • There is no smoke. You may already realize this, but for many it comes as quite a surprise. Using this device does mean that you draw, drag or inhale like you would with a traditional cigarette. However what you are getting from the device is actually vapor, not smoke. When you exhale there may be some lingering vapor but it dissipates fairly quickly. Also while you are using the device there are no trails of smoke or vapor coming off of your e-cig and lingering in the air.
  • There is no smell. The scent or odor that comes from regular tobacco cigarettes is due to the fact that something is actually burning. With an electronic cigarette although the device requires the liquid to be heated, there is nothing burning. The end result is that there is no actual smell like you would have from tobacco. The even better news is that this means there is no lingering smell or odor in your hair, on your clothing, skin or in your furniture or car.
  • There is some concern about these devices when it comes to kids. The thing to remember is that these are not considered safe for kids and are not meant to be sold to anyone under the age of 18, like traditional smokes. However it is not always possible for companies to correctly verify age and there is not quite as much control over this as there is with regular tobacco cigarettes. Some who are opposed to electronic versions of cigarettes complain that some flavors different brands offer are meant to appeal to youngsters. Flavors such as cola, cherry and bubble gum are all examples of what some opposition supporters feel are aimed at drawing in a younger consumer crowd.
  • There is some maintenance required. Some of this is just a matter of getting used to it, but you should realize there is a difference between your tobacco cigarettes and these electronic ones. For one thing, because you are dealing with something electronic you should realize this means you must have power to use it. This power comes from a battery that you must keep charged. If you intend to use it a great deal while away from home, you may need to remember to bring an extra battery or your charger to avoid running out of power during use. To get the best performance, you may also need to clean your device regularly. Many users feel the three part system tends to have leaks that need to be dealt with while the two part device does not.
  • Currently e-cigs are not FDA regulated. More than likely this will not last forever, but right now the FDA is still in the process of gaining the ability to regulate this type of device. Also right now the Department of Transportation is in the process and final stages of creating a ban for use of smokeless devices like this on planes. Although many airlines have already taken it upon themselves to ban these devices from their aircraft, there are still some that allow it. The thing to keep in mind is there is no way to determine how long this may last, which is important to know before buying a starter kit thinking you can use it on a plane.

The debate will continue in relation to electronic cigs and much of the pressure comes from what happened with traditional cigarettes. If there is to be a ban, prevention from use in public or concerns over secondhand vapor, the public and certain agencies seem to want to deal with it now as opposed to later.

If you plan on buying a starter kit, you should just be aware of some of these facts. The problem is that even if you can use your smokeless device today in public, there is no way to be sure if this will also be true come tomorrow.

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