Figuring Out Your Savings with E-Cigarettes

Savings with E-Cigarettes


Everyone knows that electronic cigarettes were first invented as an alternative to the smokes you’re used to.  They don’t feature any of the nasty chemicals and compounds found in those traditional cigarettes.  For most, this is reason enough to consider this popular smoking alternative.  If you need more, there’s a fun little fact that a lot of people don’t know about, no matter how often we put it out there….you will save money with smokeless cigarettes.

Getting big savings with e-cigarettes is nothing new.  Not only do they save money, but electric cigarette cartridges last up to 25% longer than a pack of smokes.  This means you can keep your purse or pocket full of all the money you saved, instead of having to tote around a bunch of backup cartridges.

Want to know exactly how much you’ll save with smokeless cigarettes?  Check out our exclusive e-cigarette savings calculator by clicking here.

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