Five Things You Don’t Know about E-cigs

You’ve seen e-cigarettes popping up everywhere from convenience stores, to mall kiosks, to online websites and still you are just starting to understand what they are. Before you finally get around to choosing your first starter kit, you should probably learn a few general things. In order to decide if this type of device is right for you, these are some of the things you should know but probably don’t already realize about e-cigs:

  1. There are generally several areas different brands and starter kits are “graded” on when it comes to reviews. These little details can help you make your own decision when it comes to choosing a brand. You will want to know about the vapor volume, which is the amount of “plume” of vapor you get when you take a drag or a hit from your device. For some users reading about the throat hit is also important as this gauges how the vapor will feel when it hits the back of your throat. The variety of flavors as well as the quality of those flavors is another deciding factor. The amount of battery life you get from your device is also important. Finally the look and style of your electronic cigarette is another factor that is important to some people but not to others.
  2. There is a lot of confusing information out there as well as rumors or myths about the legalities of these smokeless devices. For that reason it is important to know the truth but also keep in mind that this can change at any time. Many companies around the world offer their versions of this device online or export them to be sold in stores. You can also buy US manufactured, imported or sold versions online and at brick and mortar retailers. Keep in mind no matter how you purchase yours, these are intended for adults over the age of 18.
  3. There are also some common misconceptions when it comes to other aspects of regulations regarding the electronic cigarette. For instance, as of right now there are a great many public places one can use this system. There are even some workplaces that allow it. Generally although standard tobacco cigarettes are now banned almost every public place indoors or out, there is much more leniency when it comes to using these devices in public. However it is difficult to say how long this will last.
  4. One more area that has caused confusion about these smokeless devices is air travel. As of right now the U.S. Department of Transportation is in the process of getting these banned from use in airplanes. So currently, technically you should be allowed to use one. However many individual airlines have taken it upon themselves to go ahead and ban these devices. Not only that but some airlines are actually already informing fliers that the U.S. Department of Transportation ban is in effect.
  5. The user’s experience is completely individual. What one user may love about a particular brand may be the exact thing you cannot stand. It is important to keep these things in mind because reviews can cause more harm than good if you don’t at least read enough to get an overall view of a brand. Reading one review from a user who had a serious issue could make you think that every user would have this same type of experience. Yet if you do more research you may discover that no one else had the same issue. Also one user may hate the style or look of a device and give the overall product a bad review. Yet all you may care about is flavor or vapor volume and the brand could have the best of both, but lack style. Use reviews as guidance but not as anything set in stone.

One more thing to realize is that it is difficult to get into the “safety” of e-cigs. Any amount of research will bring up only one known and widely reported incident of a person actually being injured from using this device. The event took place in Niceville, Florida and did cause injury when the device basically exploded, leaving burn marks even in the nearby rug and the cushion the man was sitting on.

The victim suffered burns and injuries involving his teeth. It would be unfair to say that all electronic cigarettes are unsafe because of this isolated incident, yet it is also not something that can be overlooked. The idea is to keep this in mind before ordering your starter kit. More than likely keeping your device clean and in proper working order may help reduce the risk of problems. Also it is never a good idea to make any modifications to your device in an attempt to get thicker vapor.

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