Getting an Idea of What the Public Thinks about E-cig Users

Anyone who has been a standard tobacco user is probably aware of how the public felt about smokers. In fact, for those who are still trying to cling to being a public smoker the world can be a cold and cruel place. Even for those who are trying to quit, if you are seen out in public smoking you are likely to get some mean stares and probably even some downright vicious comments.

Some people who are thinking about becoming e-cig users or vapers may wonder then how the public tends to react to public use. The good news is that the views are usually quite a bit different. The one thing to be aware of is that if someone does not at first realize you are vaping instead of smoking you still might get negative looks or comments.

Make it a point to let others know you are using an electronic device and not a regular tobacco one and you can diffuse a situation before it even starts. Aside from than that, what are some reactions you may expect to get from others if you take your device out in public? First make sure you are allowed to use your device wherever you are or you could end up in trouble. Otherwise here are some positive reactions you may find:

  • Curiosity – Other people who are not yet familiar with these electronic devices are likely to ask questions. Once they realize you have an electronic device and not a real tobacco one, you are probably going to have to answer a lot of questions about it. Be respectful because this is one way other potential users gather their information. You should share as much helpful information with them as possible and even tell them a little about how you feel about the brand you are using.
  • Appreciative – Many people will actually be appreciative that you have made a conscious choice not to smoke in public and subject others to standard tobacco secondhand smoke. Everyone seems to have a story these days relating to someone they know and love who has battled with quitting smoking or health problems related to tobacco smoking. These same people will encourage you and offer thanks to you for not smoking around them, even in public places where regular smoking is still allowed.
  • Intrigued – The good news is that getting rid of the old cigarettes for the new can make you look more appealing. Ironically there are still a high percentage of people who see the images of old Hollywood legends such as James Dean smoking and think it looks cool or even sexy. The problem is that with the knowledge we have now, and knowing how unhealthy smoking is, it can no longer be considered or viewed as cool or sexy. However this is not the case with the electronic alternative. In fact more people who are visiting dating websites are beginning to say they don’t want a traditional smoker but they are fine with a vaper.

Not everyone will be okay with seeing people use an electronic device for vaping. However there is basically little to no risk of enduring the irate and sometimes violent rampages some non-smoking advocates come at public smokers with. Make it clear you are not smoking a traditional cigarette and you are likely to be left alone.

Make Sure You’re Welcome

Of course, you may still get some angry stares or irate comments from people if you use your electronic device in places where they are not permitted. Before assuming it is allowed, make sure to ask. This is especially true in public places such as restaurants, especially if you are not sitting somewhere open such as outdoor patio seating.

Work places are another area where you may not be allowed to use your device. Many office buildings and other places of employment are still treating these devices with the same approach as standard tobacco cigarettes. So if you assume you can simply use yours at your desk instead of in the smoker’s lounge during a 15 minute break, you could end up in trouble.

The rules are ever changing, so what may be true today may not be the same tomorrow. You can help stay in good standing with those who do not smoke or vape by keeping current with laws, rules and regulations. If you do so, you should have no trouble making friends with those who are curious about your electronic cigarette.

You can also unite with other vapers and keep each other informed. There are plenty of online social networking spots to gather information and make friends. To avoid going somewhere that doesn’t allow vaping start a meeting group and all of you can find a place together to spend the evening vaping and socializing.

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