Have E-cigs Gone Glam?

If you spend time at any of the hip nightclubs in the coolest places including South Beach, Miami, New York or L.A. you may begin to notice the emerging trend. All of these places are getting more and more electronic cigarette users. Clubs were once known for being the place to get a drink, mingle with friends and enjoy a cigarette.

Once the ban on traditional cigarette smoking took place, it seemed to put a damper on the perfect night spot setting and scenario. The bottom line is that club goers and even visitors to trendy eateries or similar places missed having that extra activity that just seemed to fit the image. Of course once it was discovered just how terrible traditional tobacco smoking is for you, it stopped seeming so cool.

So Why Electronic?

It seems ironic that you can find any number of trendy clubs playing electronic music while their patrons vape up with electronic cigarettes. Or you may find a more reserved but equally as posh martini social with party goers vaping away. The thing is, for those who liked the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette in their hand while out on the town and being social, the electronic version has given them that opportunity again.

In fact, many would argue that the smokeless device version has actually made it look much cooler than traditional cigarettes ever did. Here are a few reasons why:

  • While smoking a traditional cigarette now only draws nasty looks and even nastier comments, using a smokeless mechanism actually tends to attract attention and can be a real conversation starter.
  • Some of the new devices look seriously cool. For those who are into having a device that looks more like a fashion accessory, there are plenty of options available.
  • Many mechanisms available today also have cool features that, let’s be honest, look cool while out at the club. Some brands have choices for different glowing jewel tip ends that glow like the end of a traditional tobacco cigarette where the ember is. However with the smokeless version you can even choose different colors, other than orange.
  • No more smell. Even people who enjoyed their social smoking had to admit the lingering smell was unbearable. That stench that gets into your clothing, hair and even on your skin is just nothing short of disgusting. With these smokeless options, you no longer have to smell like a smoker or an ashtray.
  • No more awkward spilling cigarettes everywhere, trying to get your lighter to work or setting your hair or eyebrows on fire. It’s true that many people who seriously care about their image don’t like to look silly or awkward in public. Even the average person doesn’t want to be one of those klutzes who singe their eyebrows trying to light up a smoke in public. Vape away without looking like an awkward klutz with burnt eyebrows.

The Emerging Trend

Although these devices have been gaining popularity for a while now, their popularity only continues to grow. Another reason for the trend is that so many people love to try the different flavors. While you’ll always have your die hard fanatics who stick to traditional tobacco or menthol flavors, other users like the flavor variety.

So while your average modern day cowboy hanging out at the pool hall may not want anything more unusual than a Turkish blend, plenty of trendy hipsters or clubbers look for a flavor variety. In fact it has become something of a trend to collect, try and discuss new flavors including:

  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Coconut
  • Dark Plum
  • Hazelnut
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Bubble Gum
  • Energy Drink
  • Cheesecake
  • Eggnog

This is just a small sampling of what’s available for flavor trends. The other trend is to get e-juice and do some mixing. Users try to outdo each other with the most unusual and best tasting invented flavor combos. It’s like creating new and original recipes for delicious dishes.

The New Definition of “Cool”

Think about how cool regular tobacco smoking once appeared. Think of the images of famous smokers such as Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Gary Cooper, Nat “King” Cole and even Walt Disney. Movers and shakers of the Hollywood elite were once deemed that much cooler if they were a smoker. That image died as many of those old school smokers died as well.

Watch old movies and TV shows or flip through magazines with young starlets or established and respected directors. It was not unusual to see cigarettes everywhere. Those days are gone.

However people still have the desire to have something in their hands that makes them look cool while socializing. For that reason these smokeless devices have become a wonderful and more acceptable replacement. So next time you decide to hit up the new club, try a reservations only wine bar or just enjoy a night of bar hopping at the trendiest of locations, make sure to take along your smokeless device.

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