Having Issues with Your E-Cig Battery? Tips that Could Help

Read any review about e-cigs and one thing you will notice is how they all mention battery life. Browse the web in relation to the topic of these smokeless devices and you are bound to find users raving or scathing about their current device’s battery life longevity. In other words, when it comes to electronic cigs, batteries are a big deal.

The majority of concerns are basically about how long a battery will last, especially if a user intends to take this device out for the evening. Too many owners find themselves out for the evening with the battery draining. This leads to needing to find a way to charge the device before continued use.

Certain brands of these contraptions also seem to begin to lose serious vapor or flavor as soon as the battery even begins to dwindle. In other words, there are several good reasons why it is important for companies to focus on improving the battery life of their products. With that being said, there are also some tips users could follow to help improve the performance of the battery, at least for certain brands. At least give your battery life a second chance by trying these little tricks.

  • Use the Battery More Often – Believe it or not, some people have issues with batteries because they do not use them enough. The type of battery found in an e-cig is a Lithium-ion, probably similar to your own cell phone. You charge your device fully, then use it naturally and allow it to drain slowly then repeat as needed. This is how these batteries need to be used so the charge flows naturally and regularly. If you usually rely on using it while it is charging or while relying on an alternate power source such as the USB cord, you are not giving your battery the regular use it requires to function properly. The problem is that then when you do finally use it and expect it to perform, the battery falls short.
  • Don’t Fully Drain It – Whenever possible, it is a good idea to get your device charging again before the battery is done completely. Of course this may not always be possible, but if it becomes the majority and not the exception you could find better performance and better longevity from your battery. Plan ahead and have a backup battery. Once you notice the power weakening, you should switch to the alternate battery and start charging the other battery again.
  • Protect Your Battery – While this may sound like an obvious tip, you may actually be mistreating your battery without realizing it. In all reality most of these batteries can take a fair amount of abuse, of course this doesn’t mean you should put the theory to the test. Extreme heat and even a hard impact can eventually cause damage. Of course, getting your battery damp or wet can outright destroy it. So take care of your battery and you may notice a real difference in performance.
  • Unscrew When Not in Use – Although not every user realizes this even though it is mentioned in several instruction books for various brands of starter kits, you should get in the habit of unscrewing the cartomizer when you either will not be using it for a prolonged period of time or when it is done charging. Both of these tips are ways to get the ultimate performance from your battery by using responsible owner care guidelines. Although you may not notice the difference, if you do not do these you will surely notice the poor performance of your battery as the final result.
  • Storing Your Batteries – A good majority of companies producing electronic cigarettes and even other products such as phones, deliver the product to you with the battery at around a 70% charge. It is a good habit to get into yourself. Lithium-ion batteries reach peak performance by being stored at this same amount of charge. It is never a good idea to store your Lithium-ion batteries for any device at 50% or lower. Before using the battery charged to 70%, it is still a good idea to complete charging but it is not required.

Of course, if you have just gotten a new e-cigarette and notice right away the battery is not holding a charge or lasting very long, it is a good idea to contact the company immediately. You may have a defective battery, charger or other element. Not only that but a company needs feedback like this because it could be a common problem and something that could need to be fixed on a larger scale.

Aside from that, try to take care of your battery and your device, and you should have a long lasting product that runs at peak performance level.

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