How Can An Electric Cigarette Seem Like The Real Thing?


So you’ve heard all the buzz about this newfangled electric cigarette but you’re not sure if you’re ready to make the leap.  Smoking has become such an important part of your life, you’re not sure what you’d do without it.  Does an electric cigarette really mimic smoking closely enough?

Electric Cigarettes

Perhaps one of the most significant recent developments in recreational technology, e-cigs have the potential to literally change the world around you.  An electric cigarette is designed to provide the chemical and behavioral habits associated with smoking, without the negatives of traditional smoking.  Gums and patches fall short on the latter, causing many to abandon these smoking alternatives and return to their smokes.

Vapor vs. Smoke

Manufacturers of electric cigarettes have really keyed in on providing a realistic smoking experience for their customers.  The cloud of smoke is perhaps the most conspicuous element of an electric cigarette.  Of course, the smoke you exhale is nothing but water vapor, providing you the atmosphere you’re used to, without the nasty side effects for you and those around you.

Guiding Light

Being that you’ve become so used to it, you might be surprised how important the light at the end of your e-cig is.  Electric cigarettes come with a high quality LED light on the tip that lights up when you inhale.  These guys really seem to have thought of everything.  You simply will not get a more realistic smoking experience with any other smoking alternative.

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