How Can You Tell a Good E-Cig Atomizer?


Just like any other product, e-cig range from high quality to ultra-cheap poorly made models.  The same can be said for the most important element, the e-cig atomizer.  So how can you be sure to pick a smokeless cigarette with a high quality, reliable atomizer?

E-Cig Atomizer

For the rookies among us, the atomizer is the part of the e-cig that heats the nicotine/flavor solution and delivers the vapor into your system.  Of course, if the e-cig atomizer ever fails, the whole system breaks down.  This is often the case with many of the low-budget smokeless cigarette models you’ll see out there.

New Atomizers

So what makes an atomizer the best available?  First, you’ll want one that delivers vapor to you smoothly and efficiently.  This not only maintains an easy and reliable drag every time you puff on your e-cig, but it also reduces stress on the atomizer.  Less stress means a longer lifespan for the atomizer.  Besides that, some of the brands reviewed on give you a brand new atomizer with every single e-cig cartridge.  Heck, you couldn’t wear out an atomizer if you wanted to!

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