How Consumers Influence Ecigs & Choices Companies Make

Whether consumers realize it or not, they help shape products and force companies to make changes based on their influence. It would be ideal if the masses had this same type of impact on helping government reform, but for now it’s the marketplace not the White House. Issues concerning products such as e-cigs can be affected by the masses too.

Understanding your power and how you may be impacting the decisions or changes customers make is important. Having power and not using it is a wasted advantage. The bottom line is that the market for electronic cigarettes is still new and this is a crucial and easy time to impact what happens with it. Whether you are interested in suggesting a new flavor to your favorite brand or speaking up about how you feel concerning the FDA and smokeless devices, you can have a say in the matter.

You Design the Market

As with any product, over time technology and consumer demands alter the design usually. It may not be immediate; it may be gradual and in some cases it may not need to happen at all but usually change comes. One example right now with these devices is even just the two and three-piece systems. While the three-piece system was the original design, the shift is moving more towards the two part system. Issues with things such as leaking from the three-piece are part of what made consumers speak up and companies begin to take notice.

Battery life is another common problem that is universal among most brands of e-cigarettes. Read almost any forum full of reviews for different brands and one common complaint is how the battery life for these devices just isn’t enough.

Currently, many brands who want to win over more customers are working hard to improve the system. Already many brands are beginning to make changes for portable chargers so you can easily plug your travel pack in and charge quickly. While this may not solve the problem entirely, it does improve upon an issue and addresses what the consumers want.

Of course, the topic of flavors is another big area where companies respond to consumer demand. There are plenty of companies that already offer a wide variety of flavors, and right now the great divide seems to be between brands that offer quantity when it comes to flavors and brands that offer quality. The problem is both types of companies are beginning to feel the pinch from the few smart brands that have taken their quality flavors and begun to expand. Having a brand that offers plenty of tobacco and tobacco blend flavors in addition to fun and fruity flavors is a decision that is going to be important for brands who want to stay competitive.

Speaking up

For some users having a voice is about more than making sure a brand carries cherry cola flavored e-liquid. For years now advocates have been speaking up to try to retain some rights for standard tobacco user’s rights. Of course the outcry and push against tobacco products seems hard to overcome.

However many users of smokeless devices are trying to get more involved early on, before it is too late. There has already been a great debate started over these products and their use. Some of this stems from people who want to avoid e-cigs being allowed at all and bypassing the years it took to get regular smokes banned.

On the other hand, many users of these devices are ready to speak out to prevent smokeless from suffering the same fate as tobacco cigarettes. Already the controversy about where these devices are and should be allowed continues to rage on. Currently the ban of use on airplanes is in the works. Although the ban is not official, many airlines are already telling their passengers use will not be allowed. Users want to try to make sure this type of ban doesn’t become widespread.

Getting Involved

If you feel you would like to contribute to trying to protect vaper’s rights, you can take a stand on your own. With a little research it is easy to find places online that are organizations trying to make an effort to do just this. You don’t have to want to get too involved but find out little ways to sign petitions or something similar to help prevent bans.

Even social network sites such as Facebook have plenty of groups available to start getting involved. If nothing else, being involved helps you be aware of what regulations are currently involved and what is planned for the future. Many users want to at least make sure those e-liquids or cartridges that do not contain nicotine are protected from being included as regulated under the same guidelines as tobacco products.

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