How do You Transport Your Vapor Cig?

There’s only one problem with a site like that offers reviews of so many great e-cigarette companies and their selection of accessories.  And that’s deciding which ones to use at which times.  For example, with so many solid choices, how do you transport your vapor cig?

  • E-Cig Carrying Case – Many vendors offer some sort of carrying case for everyday use that will slip right into your bag or pocket.  It’s a stylish way to safely protect your vapor cig and extra battery.
  • Travel Ecigarette Charger – The best vendors even figured out a way for you to carry your e-cigs on vacation while not having to pack along a charger.  This handy charging station/carrying case is so handy, some folks report using it for everyday transport.
  • E-Cig Lanyard – Nothing says, “cool” like having your favorite technology hanging from around your neck.  Just ask the IT guy at work about his flash drive.  Anyway, the e-cig lanyard is by far the handiest way to transport your vapor cig.

Have another favorite means for transporting your smokeless cig?  Let us know about it already.

And, once you’re ready to pick your favorite e-cig retailer, check out our informative reviews of the most popular vapor cigarette manufacturers (click here).

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