How Does an E Cigarette Work?

Sometimes, when you’re searching for information on e cigarette usage, it feels like everyone just assumes you know the basics and launches right in to what makes their product the best.  In the interest of benefiting the rookies among us, we’ve prepared a post on the initial information you’ll need to get started researching your own e cigarette.

The large majority of smokeless cigarettes are two-piece in design.  In the image above, the front, white, portion is the battery of the unit and the back, yellow portion is the flavor cartridge.  The two pieces screw together and you’re ready to roll.  The battery will need to be charged once in awhile and the refill cartridge is disposable when the liquid inside runs out.

So what sets apart our e cigarette from the rest of them?  At, we offer a wide range of information and tips for electric cig users, as well as detailed reviews of the most popular vapor cig brands.  What are you waiting for?  Click here to start reading.

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