How Long Does an E-Cig Battery Last?


For those of us in the smokeless community, the e-cig battery is roughly equivalent to a lighter or a pack of matches.  Depending on the quality of your e-cig, the battery will vary in stamina.  So how do you know how long your battery will last?

E-Cig Battery

Like any other battery-powered device, the length of the charge depends on how often you use it.  If you use your e-cig a lot, your battery will run out in after several hours, though it can last several days if you take it easy.

High Quality Batteries

Of course, if you were smart enough to buy a high quality electronic cigarette, then your battery is miles ahead of the competition.  That’s because top companies use advanced lithium smokeless cigarette batteries.  Oh, and should you ever have a problem with your battery, the best brands will replace it for free, no questions asked.

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